Traditional base training vs sweetspot base training

Hi all,

First of all love trainerroad, using it for couple of years and FTP is going up every year.
In the past long rides where possible, La Marmotte, Les trois ballons ect…no problem, since kids came along, less time to ride outdoor like I use to do, trainerroad really helps !
Last week I went back to my trainer to perform lactate test outdoors, result was good, but room for improvement !

Last test was 2012 and although 8 years older, I still can go hard and deep, but…I start to produce lactate acid pretty early, so I need more base training, long rides are not really option, I could go for slow long running sessions in combination with sweetspot base training, would that be good ?
2-3 times a week one hour to hour and half run ?
I also doing 2-3 times 45min core/strenght training per week.

Take care
Jürgen - Belgium

I would not do the Running, unless you want to be a runner.
If you have the time to do additional 1 to 1 1/2 hour run… Make those additional sweetspot workouts you will get more bang for your time and you should recover from those better than doing road running.

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Unfortunately only long rides will solve that issue. I would try to do 3 long rides (4hr) per month (zwift??). Do not focus on running and see if you can create time somewhere else.

More sweetspot will not solve the issue of producing lactate acid

thx, really appreciate your advice.