Traditional Base for Triathlete

I’m a 31 year old triathlete focusing mainly on Xterras. I took a long time off from training of about 4 months where I would occasionally (maybe 2-3x a week) ride my mountain bike socially with friends so lots of rest breaks to gather at trails/etc so while not a total break from riding, definitely not in shape. I’m looking to rebuild my base a bit but figured with the relatively long layover and ample time before any events, I’d do something similar to what Coach Jonathan is doing with a traditional base progression (1 through 3) at low volume and adding in some slow steady base on the run/swim as well. Then move in to the Half-Iron tri base plan (low volume) or Oly base (mid volume) followed by the build and specialty.

In the latest podcast (Episode 177), where the guys discussed this, I was left with a bit of confusion on how to build a “bigger base.” It sounded like Pete suggested doing the traditional base then a build then to a sweet spot base and Chad also seemed to suggest that maybe doing that much base might just be a bit too taxing? I know being a triathlete kind of wrenches things up a bit but is my current thinking a decent approach? I’m two weeks in to the first trad base plan and feel like I am really getting some benefit from all the endurance and feel plenty fresh for each workout even with the additional running and swimming (again at a base intensity focusing on efficiency and drills). Would I be better served by simply doing the first trad base plan before moving to the dedicated tri plan progression? Or am I just way off course here? I often come into racing season feeling that my aerobic conditioning may be lacking as it seems that about half way through a build plan, I get extra fatigued and have difficulty finishing workouts. Thanks for any advice!