TR Running Thread 2024

very kind of you - I’ll see how many of them I can run consecutively on Sunday as I have a 10k race :grimacing:

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I hate to say it but this is the fine line between performance and injury that elites must delicately balance in pursuit of extreme goals. It is not for everyone and like a flame that burns hot, it also can burn out quickly.

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Yeah. I got pretty fast which was cool, and frankly I wouldn’t swap those memories, however a more diligent coach would have read my weekly messages like “I can’t seem to get my heart rate up to threshold despite putting in enormous efforts”, and could have reigned me in before I completely broke.
However thats all history and I’ve got those Nat Trophy numbers forever.


Anyway, back to running. Had a bit of extra vim and vigour tonight so treated myself to a session on the treadmill down at the gym. Set it at 12% then ran intervals at increasing speeds for 45mins.
Funny how we get our kicks on a Friday night as we get older. :laughing:


Should I tell the tale of how I injured my hamstring training for my PR marathon, ran the race injured, and 8 years later the hamstring was still a thorn in my side every time I tried to get serious about training?

But, I also wouldn’t have changed anything. It was worth it.

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Wonky how? I use Garmin route creator and it works reasonably well for me. Maybe I can help you with something.

For cycling, I’m much happier using RideWithGPS. I pay for their subscription and love it.

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Wonky in regard of how it makes the routes…
Strava uses the heat map to do routes, and it doesn’t seem Garmin does that, at least the web version. I did do a route using the phone and it seems to work better that way

Treadmill at the gym is pure torture. Insufficient cooling even for Endurance running. I’ve worn wicking baselayers only and still come away like a husk.

This resonates with me. My feeling is that once I get North of 80km per week, I progressively get niggly. I’ve never made it above 110km while marathon training. But equally have always maintained cycling to a greater or lesser extent. So perhaps I’ve never given my body the space to expand run volume.

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Ive read pro runners talking about 40-50 miles/week being maintenance. Above that its prep for a race

Managed 38:21 for my 10k and only one of my miles was at 6min/mile pace and that was down hill - that said the course was flooded in parts so I was pretty happy to average 6:08min/mile pace for the race. Didn’t win the Vet 55-59 gong today either as with a field of nearly 1000 there were some decent vets. Still I was 80th overall and the guy who beat me doesn’t TT :laughing:


Another weekend another race. This one was a NYC Central Park 4 miler. I was feeling pretty good, know the course well, and thought I might be able to get close to 24:00. I tried to really attack the hills this time, with mixed results. Ended up at 24:30 58/5086 overall and age group 9/333. Also tweaked something doing a couple of stride outs during my warm up. I guess that’s what happens when you try to sprint when old. I didn’t;'t feel it during the race, so hopefully nothing serious.

My course PR is 23:11 from 14 years ago, and this race was age graded at 73.4% and an age graded time of 23:02, so statistically speaking this is a good performance and better than my course PR. The sad part is that it has really sunk in that I may never sniff sub 24:00 on this course again. performance curves say that I can be expected to lose almost 1:30 based on age alone, and that sub 24:00 would require an AG score of probably close to 76%, which is a pretty tall order for me.


My first race ticked off the calendar:

Hale 10k - target was 38:00 and completed it 38:29.

I’m super happy with that as I didn’t taper for it and it came at the end of my first ever 50+ mile week.

Made me realise that my target of 1:20:00 the half marathon I have in march is too hot really - think that will probably be more in the 1:23:00-1:25:00 range.

Overall I think I’m roughly where I need to be for the A-race target which is the sub 3-hour marathon in April.

@Joelrivera I wore my Saucony Elites for this race - I don’t think they did enough to make me use them for the marathon - think I’m going to stick with the Endorphin Pro 3.


Good to know I picked correctly… 1:20 half is hot… Don’t get trapping the early progress gains… Keep it steady and don’t do crazy things… 38 for a 10k is very good, but not enough for 120… No one is the same… But when I was in shape for a 38 min 10k, I was also in shape for a 1.22…

You still have time for a 1.20 if you keep doing what you are doing. Your bike fitness will help you now that the legs are cooperating. Trust your training

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It also depends on what training you are doing. A few years back I ran a 1:17 half 3 weeks after running 36:40 for 10k but I was doing a lot of threshold/tempo runs and decent mileage so there wasn’t much drop off in pace. When I ran 35 min 10k and 16:40 for 5k it was on lower mileage and lots of 800/400/200m rep sessions really hard (I struggled to do all the above at the same time). So if you are in serious high mileage training you may surprise yourself with how good a half you can run even off what seems a more modest 10k. Good luck.


I feel like a sub 1:25:00 half marathon will be enough to give me the confidence to try a sub 3 hour full marathon.

I do really like to sound of doing a faster half - and its a distance I really enjoy racing - but it’s not my priority this year.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I never wanted to run a marathon again after this one - but halves I’d like to do one every year.


Another about me moment…

The moment I was the most run fit in my life I did a half marathon in 1.24, just a few days after doing a won with 15 (5,4,3,2,1) at tempo. My legs didn’t even felt it. I was flying high. This was about 6 weeks from Boston.

Ended with a 3.10 Boston Marathon.

This was an annoying long way to say the results of a single race will not define the outcome of marathon… I fucked up my training and overtrained and burned myself. If you trust the process and continue your training the way is prescribed, you will crush your marathon. I like the way my coach said it to me just a few weeks ago… Don’t get greedy…

In any case. A 125 half is very attainable at this point of your training. You just need to think about the price. If a 125 is a race pace of a half… Maybe scale down, and see the half as a tempo instead of an actual race. You don’t want to fuck up your training just for a number… Your goal is the sub 3…


Last year I ran 1:24:16 and 3:11 (lol) about 5 weeks apart. Maybe 6.

I am not sure if I overtrained. Maybe, I felt like ass almost immediately. I do tend to race a lot, sometimes up to 3 times a month, and rarely hold back. But also like most people, I underperformed at the longer distance. A 1:25 is (just) enough fitness for a sub 3 for a very endurance oriented runner. Most people are not.

The only time I didn’t underperform at the marathon relative to my half time, I was averaging over 70 miles per week for months.

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I‘ve now completed week 2 of 3 runs a week (up from 2).
Current plan is:
Mon: Off, Tue: Tempo Run, Wed: TT Bike Intervals, Thu: RB Steady, Fri: Run (between Tempo and Long Run pace with Strides), Sat: Long Bike, Sun: Long Run
It’s definitely nicer to be able to stretch the running load across 3 runs, and it also has upped my volume quite a bit, without being a problem on the body thusfar.

I feel pretty confident that I will soon be easily capable of running the Half faster than my Goal Pace for the Full in September (4:58/km).
Also, during last week‘s 5k Tempo run, I ran based on feel - trying not to look down on my watch too frequently. It felt tough, but not maxed out. Yet, I beat my all out 5K time, set only 10 days early
For a new PB of 18:29.

I guess it makes a big difference to now know where the limit is, and actually train based on this knowledge. Whereas before, I trained much slower.
So I‘m pretty confident to go sub 18 the next time I go all out for a 5K.
All in all, things a moving really well. I still have my niggles here and there, but they subside much quicker than before. Looking forward to the next few weeks.