TR Running Thread 2021

Just went through this thread, great stuff. I had several 1000+ mile years, with big weeks and decent run fitness without structure up until the last two years where I got burned out, tapered off the running and started a cycling focus. I think 2019 was ~600 miles and 2020 was 130 miles.

I started increasing frequency towards the end of 2020, and am on my third week of around 30 mpw. Not much structure other than trying for 321 plan mentioned above. Keeping the running at slow paces, though HR probably indicates I am over-doing it.

Biggest concern is how to fit the running with the cycling. I had a lot of cycling volume that has tapered down now. But it still is probably too much once I start adding a bit more mileage and a lot more intensity to the running.

I have been posting on the High Volume Threads for cycling, and in those I have mentioned that I switched recently to SSB MV2.

Plan is currently this:

Monday - VO2 on bike, day off running
Tue - aerobic on bike, easy run (3.5 - 4.5 miles)
Wed - Threshold on bike, long run (9 miles)
Thu - rest day bike, easy run (3.5 - 4.5 miles)
Fri - O/U bike, medium run (6 miles)
Sat - rest day bike, easy run (3.5 - 4.5 miles)
Sun - SS bike, medium run (6 miles)

Rides are first thing in the morning. Runs are usually late afternoon, though I’d like to shift towards lunchtime if I can get the routine of that worked out.

Anyways, three weeks in, and so far I’m OK. After the next week, I’ll probably start adding in strides at the end of some runs. But plan to continue this base period for another month to hopefully get my fitness up and HR down on all the runs across the board before I start pushing it. I’d be happy averaging 30-40 mpw for the year. I come from a running background and can get sufficiently fast on that type of mileage for pretty much anything I’d want to do. Especially if I focus my work better.


If you can run close to 20 mins for 5k then a sub 46min 10k and sub 1:46 half should be easy provided you do the mileage…and don’t get injured! :grinning:


Managed to brave some wet weather this morning! I feel so much better running fasted, but know that performance would likely (?) benefit with some fuel… beyond black coffee


I’m slightly different on SSB MV1:

M AM Brick: 1h Sweetspot +20min Easy run
T AM Bike 45min Endurance PM 30-40min Easy run
W AM Brick: 1h Sweetspot +20min Easy run
T AM Bike 1.5h Threshold PM 30-40min Easy run
F AM Brick: 1.5h Sweetspot +20min Easy run
S AM 1h Long Run Easy
S Rest

Not always doing the bricks, sometimes as a separate session

Seeing this and thinking more, I’m gonna shift the sat/sun runs to sun/mon. Gives me a full day rest and weekdays tend to be easier to keep to a schedule vs weekend when family time dominates.

Every time you post these maps I am hit by nostalgia! It’s been a while since I’ve run/biked on those roads.

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I’m glad they serve some sort of purpose! :blush:

I haven’t experienced cycling anywhere else, but always feel like the roads need improvement (and some elevation)

Do you guys follow the garmin guidance. When it gives you unbalanced or unproductive or do you just ignore it ?

I ignore it at my mileage I am unproductive everyday. Over the last couple of weeks garmin has said my VO2 max has decreased 5 pts. Would be interesting to know what kind of algorithm they use to determine productivity.


I ignore it too. I find it really annoying though. It seems to be focused on high intensity exercise most of the time and base season does not have enough intensity for the algorithm.


Yes, anaerobic. Get a file with a few ‘fake’ HR spikes i.e 250 - 260 bpm and typically your VO2max goes up.

I do look at the focus occasionally, reminds me to do an Anaerobic session or bit of sprint work every 10-14 days. Normally do this on the bike.

Interestingly I find that my steady runs are the ones I find it gives me the highest VO2max. After an easy run with little variation in pace and a HR <160 to the whole time, it reports back a VO2max of 57/58 but after an intense run where I hit or get close to my HRmax, it drops to 54/55.

Lab tested with gas exchange mask etc, I got 52 so it is overreporting anyway, but still pretty impressive guesswork for a flashing light and a GPS chip.

Following Garmin advise on anything is like following financial advice from Madoff (of ponzi scheme fame)


They use the tea leaves method.


Correct thats what I saying, a recovery run with a few HR spikes screws it up. I assume it looks at how quickly your HR returns base level. Who knows?

I check on my Garmin status regularly, but obviously don’t dictate my training by it. I have found it to be pretty accurate for how I’m feeling though and the weird Training Score it goes by does line up quite well with my TSS charts on TR and fitness charts on I haven’t seen the large fluctuations in VO2Max, but I’d say mine is inflated a bit–inflated, but consistent and shows trends well.

One thing that’s thrown things off a bit more recently is that I finally picked up an Edge 530 and it measures and reports things differently than my 935. I guess its newer version of the First Beat algorithms are different or something.

Garmin: Rest day, take it easy focus on nutrition
Garmin: Easy run, 25m @ 6’55"/km
Also garmin after only doing 1km: Recover 12hrs
Garmin after 25 minutes of HIIT: RECOVER 36 HOURS

I’m just running 1km daily dude, it basically feels like a warmup lol.
And the HIIT well… i just don’t know what to say.


Also Garmin after a 2h trainer workout: you have expended 400 kCal.
Also Garmin after a 2h trainer workout: Here’s your workout, you expended 1000 kCal.

Oh - you want the info I give you to match with the info I give you?

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Which Garmin do you have? My 935 doesn’t get into detail like that–maybe for the best! :joy:

the 745… i came close to buying the 935 but wanted the extra data… man was i wrong. lol

Honestly though its nice to have the stuff like breathework, stress levels, etc
We were supposed to have advanced sleep metrics with a sleep score but thats still not there.
(I’m also coming from a vivoactive HR so anything is an upgrade really)

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