TR Plan vs Custom Workouts on Zwift

Hi All,
Winter is coming fast and I’m preparing for the indoor season. I tried TR for a couple of weeks during the wildfire season. I liked ok. However, the more I looked into what makes a good training plan for my needs, the more I realized I will better served with a custom solution.

Would love to hear from forum members that create their own training plans and workouts and implementing them on Zwift.


So, nobody creates their own plans, workouts and uses Zwift for this???. Strange!. H

You have not given us any indication as to what you are trying to do and how or why Trainerroad did not work for you. I would deduce from your posts that you simply prefer the Zwift platform over that of Trainerroad moreso than the workouts or training plans here not working for you.

Certainly there are people here who create their own workouts or plans and import them into Trainerroad and or Zwift. Others, myself included run Trainerroad concurrently with Zwift – Trainerroad controlling the trainer itself and zwift as more of a visual distraction.

That said, I would encourage you to give this platform a try again. Trainerroad has a plethora of different plans and workouts. It has an amazing calendar and from a pure results perspective, it just works.



  1. I have a 2 month winter period coming before a 1 month trip, where I’m forced to be indoor. I also need to fit my snowboarding.

  2. I could use TR or Zwift but why pay the extra $5 for TR ?

  3. I can get Calendar for free in and plan builder is not really that great.

  4. If you understand enough of workouts and plans to evaluate the quality of TR plans. You should be creating your own. Why settle for the template that’s meant for the avg?

  5. The only issue is that I have to manually create the workouts on Zwift.

  6. if you go through the TR library, you realize that in reality there are only a handful of independent workout models and all you have to manipulate is: duration, intensity and repetition in order to achieve the desired stimuli and force progression.

  7. TR workouts are a step up from Zwift’s, but also suffer from the unnecessary complexity that is meant to keep you interested.


Well, you are free to use Zwift then.

You can also build workouts on TrainingPeaks , it’s much faster and easier to use than Zwift’s workout builder.


Thanks.!. Will try, hopefully that functionality is included with the free version. H

looks like you might not be a TR user. ? therefore you have perhaps not used the calendar or the customer creator… which based on the extensive library (and your understanding of plans not intended for the avg. person) can pick and choose specific workouts into your calendar, bingo your custom plan… !?..

Yes it is, but it’s limited to 2 or 3 days in the future

I hear you…yes, I can do that. But then the value proposition becomes:


  • $20/month
  • Bad Graphics,
  • Create my own workouts manually


  • $15 month
  • Good Graphics.
  • Create my own workouts manually.

Thats twice now you have answered your own question. Seems like the answer for you is pretty straight forward.

Also the graphics arent “bad” on TrainerRoad, they are different and not to your liking and that is totally allowed. Personally I dont like the graphics on Zwift, I dont need a pretend road in front of me to get the most out of my training.


Graphics, and stability, on zwift is very much dependent on your own computer tech.

Personally, I prefer the TrainerRoad screen to the Zwift workout screen on the companion app, and the ability to extend workout, adjust intensity more than +/- 10%.

It does seem like you’ve made up your mind though, so not really sure what answers you were expecting on the TrainerRoad forum?



Would love to hear from forum members that create their own training plans and workouts and implementing them on Zwift.

You could always check out the Zwift forum. They probably have a better handle on how to create workouts on their platform.


Found this resource: is an editor for Zwift workouts. Zwift has an official built-in editor but it is quirky and has some bugs. It also requires installing and running the full Zwift application, loading a course, and pairing your equipment. aims to be an easy to use and lightweight (yet feature-complete) replacement for the built-in editor with none of the quirks or requirements. Another aim is to do all this without any server-side logic, user logins, advertisements, or other such nonsense. Just a zwift workout editor!

I’ve created my own workouts on Zwift. I find it quick and easy. Once you’ve figured it out, you can easy put together a workout in minutes. And it’ll be saved in your library on Zwift too.

You can alter the intensity from the companion app.

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This is the best cycling forum there is, and I bet the # ppl posting far exceeds the # ppl using TR. H

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I was just point out why the other guy said what he said, and you asked

It may be the best cycling forum, probably because TR users are the best

Enjoy, hope you get the answers you are looking for

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I create mine in Training Peaks and they automatically appear in Zwift and on my head unit or to be honest anywhere I choose.
The Zwift in-app workout creator is easy to use IMO, I have created workouts there. Both TP and Zwift workout creators are better then TRs IMO.

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