TR iPad request

Any thought on allowing TR to function on the iPad in split screen viewing? This would allow for such a better training experience with having Netflix (or some other app) side by side with TR without having to use the slide over option and moving netflix all around to see various parts of the TR screen.


That would be amazing!

This feature would be very useful for me too. It would mean one less device to have when training.

I’m surprised split screen is not available, as it seems to be the norm on all other apps.

This needs to happen!

I have read this message and approve!

That would be great. That way I can look at see my power and watch youtube at the same time.

+1 for me. I have a very portable ManCave which uses an iPad on a camera tripod and whatever space I can find. It would be great to have iTunes/netflix playing fullscreen with a small floating workout overlay. I have seen this with other ios apps so it must be possible technically.

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It looks like in the interim from the last post on this in 2017, some creative programmers have figured out how to achieve iPad split view in React applications. A search for “react iPad split view” turns up multiple blog entries and howto’s from 2018. Maybe TR could look at revisiting this question — it might not be as big of an overhaul as initially thought?

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That’s from January 17th of this year, not Jan 2017

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Oh, well, I totally misread that. Never mind then.

Our app is not currently a React Application, so in order to achieve split view it would require rebuilding the app using a different code base. So it would be quite an overhaul, however, it is something that we are actively looking into :+1:.