TR IP / Precor Compatibility (2 questions)

I am a TR paying customer and want to follow the TR training plans for my training. However, I do my indoor training on a Precor spinner Chrono spin bike. This spin bike is compatible with Zwift and sufferfest but I can’t get it to connect with TR iOS app. I do my workouts in a gym, this is the setup I have to use. Therefore my first question:

  1. Does anyone have experience with the Precor spin bikes and connecting it to the iOS app?

If this is not possible, is it against TR terms of service to make the same workouts in Zwift and do them in Zwift? I understand sharing plans/workouts is not allowed, this is all for my personal use and I intended to pay for the TR service while doing this. Any advice is welcome.

Did you ever get TR to work on your Precor? I’m trying to do the same.


I’d be interested in knowing about this as well. My work travel forces me to use a hotel gym and I want to keep going with my TR workouts.