TR internal phase plan?


Does anyone see a plan called TR internal phase?

Not I

What version of the application is this?

Is this the Beta or Production version of the app?

i just cheking my phone, yes , it is here , but it didnt work …

on my phone. Version 2019.51.0.91900

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Not on my iPhone. Let us see what that is all about.

same number in my iphone

It’s here on my iPhone too!

Latest version on the iPhone

So is that how Nate got those sweet gains? :grin::v:t2:

And on Android 2020.3.0.92026

Actually just showed up in my app - also version 2019.51.0. 91900

Thanks for bringing this to our attention guys. I have reported this to our Development Team and they are taking a look into what is going on here.

We hope to get this resolved shortly :+1:.

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What is it? Is it secret skunkworks type stuff?

It’s a TR Internal Phase :wink:





Some places do yoga. Some meditate. TrainerRoad internalizes.

TR internal phase has now disappeared from the plans… @Bryce don’t go quiet :shushing_face: now

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