TR in Resistance Mode

Last week someone mentioned this. I tried and it worked GREAT. I wanted to get in a 1 hour fun ride today. Not scheduled as part of my TR plan. But I wanted TR to credit me with the ride… So I signed up for a 2.5W/kg group ride in Zwift. And found a 1 hour Tempo workout in TR. I started the TR workout and Zwift Group ride at 5pm…

I set TR to Resistance Mode (level 30) and that worked out great. I could vary my effort at will to play with the lead group in the Zwift ride. And keep my effort at or above the TR workout level for the most part.

I nice alternative to ERG for the weekly TR Endurance Rides. As long as you don’t overcook it. Just pick a Zwift “C” ride or whatever effort level corresponds to your Endurance level.

Naturally, the finish wasn’t really a cool down :slight_smile: