TR Feature Suggestion: How motivated are you to train today?

I like the idea and I hope it works. I like the big colorful emoji like Buckethead posted.

I do wonder a bit about effectiveness though. I recognize I’m the target audience and this could help me, but if I’m being honest, I’ll also say that in Garmin Connect when it says “how do you feel today”, 95% of the time I choose “Normal” (the middle).

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We have thought about this and have a way to test to see if it’s an influence.


Yah, we thought about adding emojis for the post workout survey too.

We’ve seen a lot of discussion on the forum about what to choose, but when we look at our data what (most) people choose is inline with what we’re expecting.


The cool thing is we can collect the data and then see if it correlates to any result.

IE we will know if it’s a good metric to track.

I’d also love to sync this with other metrics. IE how does sleep or HRV connect to motivation? Do they track 1:1? Can we predict motivation based on other hard metrics, therefore not needing motivation? (probably not but maybe?)


This study says that at least for pain, emojis are enough and you don’t need numbers.


Have you got the ability to (internally) collect the HRV etc etc datat from Garmin for those of us that have given TR access to our Garmin data?

Or does that require building out before you can even see the data on your end?


What about the universal emoji for training? :poop:


Would you put some definition around “motivated to train?” I could be unmotivated because I feel worn out, or maybe I physically feel great but I’m bored with training or would just rather do something else?

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I’m not actually sure. I’m not involved closely enough to know the technicali details.

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I would say you’re unmotivated to train in each of those circumstances.

There are so many different combos that make up motivation that we have the vague wording and emojis on purpose.

They let you apply your unique circumstance to the situation.

IE: I feel great, but I’m stressed that I have to go to a work dinner after training…what should I choose?

Basically I recommend to not overthink it and just answer how motivated you are.

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emojis are good. Yesterday I was allergy sick and skipped the intervals, just rode endurance.

Can’t remember what it looks like on my Garmin 840 when I enter it, here is a screenshot of Garmin Connect mobile on iOS:

and Intervals pulls it from the Garmin .fit file:


and you can override, with splashes of color

same-same over on TrrainingPeaks, but w/o splashes of color on the how you feel:


Any studies on which order to present them? Personally I prefer to see Happy first and Weak last, like TP and Intervals, possibly because I’m a glass is half full guy and visually scan left-to-right. I dunno.


I will occasionally look up TR’s definition which works well for me. My spin is;

Moderate What I’d expect a 90 min Z2 workout to feel like.

Hard: I could have done another interval

Very Hard: I had to push, couldn’t have done another interval.

All Out: Wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to finish it, pulled out every emotional trick in the book to finish, I’m spent, for the love of God don’t give me another one of those.

Fail: Didn’t complete, had to to take a break or reduce the intensity of the intervals.

I am never good with these how you feel questions.
Five choices is too many for me…I tend to avoid the extremes.

I prefer Do you feel like doing your workout - Yes/no


Are you motivated to train?
2- so so
3- No

Emojis in general just dont convey information to me that is readily apparent. You give me a scale of five of them and I will most days just pick the middle one or the unhappy one if I am not ready.


Having had to answer the pain scale question a lot lately, I am starting to think that the problem is that these questions are never fun or intuitive to answer (regardless of numbers, colors, emojis, or words), even though they do (apparently) provide useful information.

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Or rather than that @Nate_Pearson

1 I think I’ll easily complete this workout
2 I think I’ll complete this workout at prescribed levels
3 I think I’ll just about complete this workout without changing anything but I’ll have to work hard
4 I think I’ll have to reduce the intensity or increase the rest intervals to complete this
5 I think I’ll have to pick another workout, I won’t be able to complete this workout

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Yours swaps to “Expectation for the workout in particular” which may be useful in a different way than “Motivation” as a general metric that seems to be the intent here. Both may be relevant but are not identical.

Outside of that, I question the workflow here. If 5, what then?

  • Does the user actually make the step to replace the workout via the Alternates tool or manual substitution?
  • Then they answer a different value like 1, 2 or 3 and proceed to the workout?
  • Is the aim here to capture the potential progression from an assigned workout to something else selected by the user and/or predicted Struggle results & survey?
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Right? I’m with you, was never good at these how do you feel questions. FWIW I would translate those 3 to the following:
1- Yes
3- Sorta, kinda, maybe
5 - No

and then over time you might develop some feeling for rating it a 2 or 4.

For example today I’m sorta motivated, and definitely more than the past couple weeks, but answering ‘1 - Yes’ is too strong. So 2 it is.

On TrainingPeaks starting early 2020 I did the perceived exertion on a 10 point scale :scream: and basically started off with rating everything 3 or 6 or 9. Eventually I started using more numbers, but it still feels weird to give a gut reaction while trying to discern shades of grey without overthinking it.


I suppose this is my internal scale:

5 - I can’t wait to train

4 - I want to train

3 - I’ll train.

2 - I want to want to train

1 - I don’t want to want to train


Yeah I’d like to use this and I like the implementation of trainingpeaks and for RPE and “how this workout felt”. Trainingpeaks also has a “how motivated are you to train” metric that I am already tracking.

I really don’t care what the emojis look like or if it is numeric.