TR 2020 Running Thread

Depends on your history really. The 10% isnt a hard rule. If your mileage is pretty low
Lets say you’ve been running 15mpw on 5days of running… or whatever number you pick.

If you’ve been doing that successfully for 3/4 weeks. Jack Daniels recommends to add a mile to each run day giving you 5 more miles that week.

Personally I increase my long run at a different rate than my foundation runs. like 1 extra on the foundation run and 2 extra on the long run.


Thank you for your recommendations. I did overcook it and now I regret it.

The question is, can you still run slowly and for short distances? Or is it better to stick to cycling for a week or two?

Does it hurt to run? And not the DOMS kind of hurt.

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I don’t feel any pain while running if I am properly recovered… The pain comes out mainly after I’m done running (the longer, the stronger). Lately I’ve been doing 4k runs and I feel a light discomfort exactly where the ITB Meets the tibia (right side of the right knee). the pain is pretty much gone after one day of rest or cycling, but it comes right back after the next run.

It is definitely painful to run two days in a row so I don’t do it.

Edit: I should say that after my first run (7k, with bad shoes and no running history) the pain was so bad that walking was pretty uncomfortable for the next 2 days. I believe that that’s what sparked the injury

This is a somewhat unpopular opinion… But i would recommended running by times and not miles.
Miles set certain mental expectations, while time is more free.
90% of my runs are time based.
And it has been a game changer.
One day you run 4 miles in 30 minutes. Other day you run 3 miles. Its all fine!


Another successful progression in the books
Weather today was 57 F, wet and misty
1 and 3 were 6:03/mile and 2 was 6:05/mile avg

Will be interesting to see where this goes as I start the Stronglifts program today


Great pace!
Weather makes a huge difference when running.
So hot here lately (Florida east coast)

ALL my runs last week were on 75F+ temperature and 90% humidity.
Yesterday was “nice” (80F and 85%).

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yea the weather has definitely kept me going

I think weather was the final thing that made me switch to triathlon.
When I was living up in Northern VA, I could train during summer. I knew it was just temporary and I could deal with it. It was hot and humid, but i put up with it. I trained for fall marathons (did marine corps marathon 3 times and Philly once).

Here, I have absolutely no desire in running 22 miles @ 80F and 100% humidity 3 to 4 times before a marathon.

Its a HUGE bummer.

I hear that!

MLSS Prgression #8 , getting HARD and Im getting Fast
Very fast as you can see. Running a different course but elevation is pretty siilar. 1 mile out and back laps.
With my 2nd Stronglits workout yesterday, the DOMS is very real but not lettingit get in the way
Walked for about 15s on #2 min 13.
2x24 #1 @ 5:53/mile #2 @ 6:03



What’s the rest between intervals?

Are you doing other speed work?

No other speed work. just these 2x a week
5min WU, 5min rests walk/jog/chug sports drink

My volume is pretty low atm too. LR is at 12mile currently if I can fit it in on the weekend. 6-8 supplementary runs

Well… At least I got a medal… :man_shrugging:


I’ve searched the topic but not seen anything directly here, but has anyone had experience mixing in some proper sprint training? I have a track local to me, and it looks mega fun whilst avoiding too much volume!

The triathlon plan have sprints as part of the training.
It’s time based, so it doesn’t look like speed workout. But in reality is 400s and 800s.

So, yes I’ve been doing those for a while now.

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400s is the shortest I go, and only a touch faster than 5k pace - so not what I would call sprint training.

I wouldn’t really consider this sprint training. I’d say anything 200m and less, done all out, qualifies.


But the plan I’ve been doing for half distance goes from 1 min to 3 min rpe9s that’s like 300s to 800s

Yeah I’m more thinking along the lines of <200m, focus on reps and form to build explosiveness. Also just to add even more variety!

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