Tour de Suisse - TdF warmup

Anyone watching it, the alternative warmup for the Tour de France?

Welsh lad Stephen Williams in the Leaders Jersey.

Sepp Kuss in 7th after stage 2.

Quinn Simmons leading the KOM competition.

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Sagan today?

If it’s on Flo bikes, it doesn’t exist to me. Why won’t they just fold already so we can use GCN+ and Peacock for everything? Would love to see Sagan win, but Flo really puts the F in Flo bikes.

This whole race has been a snoozefest…well, I guess the first stage was OK, but like the Dauphine, it has been pretty boring.

I don’t know I loved stage two, classic.

You’ve won… wait there was someone still out there.

Really enjoyed the Dauphine - plenty of breaks just holding off the peloton - WVA being pipped to the line - Primoz chasing up the last climb but the guy out front surviving - and TDS today Sagan surfing the wheels like a decade ago and winning. OK it probably won’t be enough for a TDF stage win but it was nice to see “Why so serious?” back doing what he does best

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Agree. Dauphine was great.

Was impressed with Pidcock as well, Sagan rolled back the years. Nice to see. And I semi called it, before I saw the result. I posted then watched it.

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Giro was a but dull, but Dauphine and Tour de Suisse so far? Its early …

Covid hits the Tour de Suisse,

Jumbo-Visma pull out as does Adam Yates and some others.

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Oh man… here we go again with the damn Covid :frowning:

Hope the Jumbo-men are able to recover and still be good for the tour.

The Tour de Geezer continues…Fuglsang damn near made it three stages in a row, but now occupies 2nd on the GC with Thomas in 3rd.


I know you probably don’t find it interesting, but I do, there is a lot of tells looking at the detail, racing not great, but looking at the detail it is really interesting.

Nah, I thought today’s stage was entertaining…but for a race that is supposedly a TdF tune-up, we aren’t really seeing any protagonists. Vlasov will be up for a top 5 finish, but beyond that…

And with Yates and J-V out now, all the heavy hitters are pretty much gone (or lost time today like Evenepoel).

Who? Day race, Classic, or 3 - 5 day race okay, week stage race at a push, nothing to indicate anything else.

Generally agree with your thoughts, J-V focusing on the Tour (money, major result) and pulling out to save the team. Really pissed about Yates to be honest, now there’s another excuses assuming he recovers for the Tour.

Like Evenepoel, maybe Pidcock doesn’t have it for a Grand Tour but it would be good to see him unleashed . Never the within team dynamics been so clear, people fighting for tour place, that is what I find interesting.

Plus it will kick off in the next two days.

Might as well call it off with multiple teams and riders pulling out due to covid infections.

Same eerie vibe as Paris Nice 2020

Tour of Slovenia as well. Hoping it doesn’t impact TdF lineup

It’s certainly poor timing to contract covid 2 weeks before tour.

And their youtube channel spoils the result of every single race I can’t watch live. No need to tell me the winner in your screenshot

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anybody know what was in the rectangular boxes were that each of the stage winners were given?