Tour De Nez Progression Rating?

I was just looking at an old staple race sim workout so I could get a good sim in the legs and noticed the ratings on TdN have some serious variability.

How does the 1hr version rank as an 11+ but the others are a 9 & 8.5? Seems like an odd way to rank given you’re basically extending the race by 5 laps for each variant and there is no additional rest being added.

Here is my take:

  • Note that the original version has the peak efforts notably higher than the other variations. See how the original peaks over the 400w line in the first pic, while the others stay below.

  • Then note how the original also has it’s other values well above the FTP line.

  • So, the entirety of the original sets efforts higher than the variants, and as such gives the harder rating. Makes sense to me when you look closely at the actual power target percentages.

  • 157% Peak

  • 142% Peak

  • 142% Peak