Tour de France 2021! (spoilers)

I agree with your statement. Rog didnt ride bad, he finished where the data said he would based on past races.

Nope…he just isn’t close to Pog. He can’t outclimb him by enough to offset his losses in the TT b

That’s a very on point breakdown Stonerider.

I think it’s possible a fully operational Bernal will get in the mix with Rog, Pog and possibly Remco. If, like many say, Remco can learn some bike handling skills.

It seems, even with all their money, Ineos have missed some top young GC talent. I’m surprised they didn’t get Juan Ayuso. UAE were very smart to grab him.

Actually, the real question for me is Pidcock. He is, on paper one of the strongest riders ever to ride a bike, in pure w/kg. He’s openly said that his best performance attribute is long steady, medium gradient climbs. So, it’s possible he’s in the mix next year.

A tour with Pog, Rog, Remco, Bernal, Pidcock and Ayuso all duking it out would be fantastic. Add in Wout and MVDP chasing green and I’d have to retire for the month to watch it.

Interestingly, if you look at the names. It’s officially a changing of the guard.


I’m not sure MvdP’s physiology is suited for a 3 week race. From what I’ve seen, after a week he starts to deteriorate whereas Wout seems to get stronger (or break down less than his competitors). MvdP’s trainer has said than he responds really fast to training which could also mean he risks overtraining or fatiguing quickly in a 3 week race.

I love Pidcock and maybe he could be a 3 week contender. Maybe we will find out in the future but I don’t see him being better than Pogacar. Bernal doesn’t seem a durable as the others due to his leg length differences and scoliosis. Ineos should have some special cranks for him to use with different lengths per side…say 175 on his long leg and 165 or 170 on his short leg.

I’d love for Remco to rise to the occasion. Time will tell if he’s willing to put in the time to work on his weaknesses.

Roglic is at the pinnacle of his powers right now due to age and he will start a slow decline as he moves into his mid 30’s. It’s now or never for him to beat Pogacar. It’s scary that Pogacar should continue to get stronger up until age 29 or 30, which is typically when men are at the height of their powers.

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Wout (WvA) – I don’t see him making a drastic change to become a full on GT contender for the typical tour route.

But… if ASO does something to make the course less favorable to climbers, WvA would benefit. Could see him taking opportunity of a special situation to make a run at GC.

Would make for an atypical tour, but what if the GC battle was in crosswind stages and time trials instead of being decided in the high mountains? I wouldn’t mind seeing DQS and JV trying to split the field day after day. Having a GT decided in the TTs is fine too. If mountain time gain opportunities were limited then the normal GC guys have to be a little more desperate in those stages. Could make for a very interesting mix of racing for three weeks. Heck, throw in a TTT and make it extra spicy.

Yeah, long live the TTT, long live long TTs. I don’t really understand why the commonly accepted stance is TT == boring, mountain == entertaining. Only problem is engineering the course and the weather to provide crosswinds.

These days most of the mountains are ridden as TTs by the top riders, and everyone else is holding on for as long as possible. But science, power meters and training show that the fastest way to the top of a mountain is steady pace. Ok maybe 1 or two little digs near the top to get some time. Its not like it’s some hour long epic throw down on the slopes anymore. But what do I know!

Maybe a TTT is the way to beat Pog, while they have Bjerg and Pogačar :thinking:. I would say on balance Jumbo Visma,( and sadly Ineos) have a better ability to build a mountains team that can perform well at a TTT compared to UAE. Who knows even FDJ might do OK in it these days and the French could save some face.

Teams that could do a TTT: DSQ, Ineos, EF, JV, FDJ, Orica, Movistar, DSM.

Teams that would need to use the Euskatel rule ( limiting the amount of time they can loose): B&B Hotels, Cofidis, Intermarche WG,

Quickstep said no remco next year at the tour. So we have to wait till 2023 for Egan vs Pog vs Remco.

They should have dedicated staff ready to capture all the wisdom and tips from cycling forums. :rofl:

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Grumpy Paddy also said no Cav at the tour this year.

Grumpy Paddy says a lot to sell newspaper inches. Paying attention to everything he says seems like a waste of energy.

Ah, people like a finish line and a real-time competition to be the first one across it. Fortunately, the Hammer Series has you covered:

Yeah… remind me how the hammer series is going?

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We’ll see.

Remind me how the hammer series is going?

I’m a Velominati-certified purist, but even I concede that what the people want is five Ineos riders riding full-gas in a rotating paceline launched into a rotating paceline of five TJV riders.

Fair point regarding the TTTs.

I guess my point would be more to the wider event. Hammer seems to have come in and INNOVATED EVERYTHING, but hasn’t made a successful “new” race format over the weekend. That’s not to say that each individual innovation or change is bad but the sum of the changes hasn’t been the rip roaring success that Velon would have hoped for I think. I think it’s been discussed elsewhere at length.

Some mega drafting behind cars in that video above.

As we seem to be heading down a making things more spicy route. I always liked the approach to crits in France. Cash prizes on the line for 1,2,3rd, but up to the judges to decide what group that was applied to. Every passage of the line (80 some nights) you have to watch for a little green flag ( prime ) or red flag (points) meaning your group next lap. Hard for the crowd to follow - not really, they get to see a sprint, who does’t love watch some back markers sprinting for 20€ and hearing all about the bakery providing the cash.

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There is also the thing where the UCI is doing everything in their power to make sure that Velon did not succeed with the Hammer Series, hence the lawsuit that has dragged on for a couple years now. I really want it to work.

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Yea, looks like UCI basically torpedoed it. So not really a comment on the quality of the format.

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