Tour de France 2021! (spoilers)

Surely that wasn’t written specially for the tour, given Keighley’s reputation :smiley: :wink:

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I kind of miss seeing all the syringes, knobs and tits painted on the road when the tour went close to Italy.

I mean, that was offensive and incredibly immature no one was amused by it.

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They guys in the gigantic Inhaler costumes, running alongside Froome during the Salbutamol stuff, was one of my all-time TdF highlights :joy:


Well, looks like no breaking the record today for Cav


Haskell monad sequencing operator?

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I’m not surprised…with all the teams looking for one last shot at a result, this was always gonna be a tough stage for one team to control.

Lot to gamble on for the final stage in Paris, though…so much can go wrong in a bunch sprint.

At some point Reddit will have the answer.

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yeah is gonna be a tight one. Champs-Élysées must be one of the hardest sprint stages to win. On the other hand… nobody did it more often than Cav.

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Next 10minutes will confirm it I think.

I was watching a TdF on YouTube a while ago and spotted this gem :rofl:


Damn, Mohoric…spin some.


Mohoric doing over-unders for the win!

:rofl: :joy: :rofl:

He did it again. 2 breakaway wins in the same tour is pretty darn impressive.


I knew I should have committed to Mohoric when said it wouldn’t be Cav today, but I didn’t think he would do it twice. Good for him!



Ok I have to say his victory salute is rather disturbing, considering the context of the police investigation lol
Very reminiscent of gestures of the-one-who-shall-not-be-named


Petition for TrainerRoad to rename one of the over-under workouts “Mohoric +2”


You could see the final nail in the coffin shortly after he went…the group behind was actually closing the gap and were within ~20 meters it seemed. But then the guy pulling pulled off and no one else was willing to pull through. It was game over at that exact moment. Great aerial shot at the time showed everything.


Mohoric first salutes Bahrain, then showing what he thinks about a police raid. That is a first class disturbed head.

Well this sure won’t quiet any Bahrain - Victorious cynics…and remind me again which country he is the national champ of?