Tour de France 2021! (spoilers)

Is it correct, that Pogacar winning mountains and yellow again this year, would make him only the second rider to do the double twice?
The other rider being Eddy, who also did it back to back?

Should really go after green next year, to at least have a challenge on hand.

I think that is correct. But not sure how comparable it is. There were many changes to the Peas-jersey over the years. Most notably only since 2004 you get double points if the KOM is also the finish line. If there were no double points, Pog would not win this year. Not sure about last year
(Presuming he will win again today. If Poels gets the first mountain and Pog only gets second on the stage. Poels will have the jersey.)

Per our conversation re: learning how to pronounce names, Stan Verrett brought his A-game to Twitter yesterday.

French police searched hotel rooms of Bahrain after stage 17

Reading that Bike Exchange are doing…Bike Exchange things. How happy is Juul-Jensen going to be tonight lol.

We are discussing any doping and speculation in this thread:

They were looking for sonny colbrelli’s stage win :rofl::rofl:



And there goes Uran’s podium hopes…poof

The Grupetto is already 15 minutes behind… it´s gonna be a tight one :disappointed_relieved:


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Just waiting for Pog to drop the hammer… then if the fat old man can get up the hill in time.

I think Pogachar is going to win

That´s a high probability guess. Sepp Kuss managed to stick to the attack! Chapeau

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21:30 with a 38:00 cutoff should be ok.

Pog makes everybody else look like bloody amateurs lol

Still amazing performance by Vingegaard. That pretty much seals the podium

would be nice to see the old multi jerseys back again Pogacar in 3 colors.

Pogacar should be embarrassed at refusing to challenge the green jersey.


Ah I thought the time limit is gonna be much smaller, given the shortness of the stage. Good to hear!