Tour de France 2021 - Speculation and Gossip

How many mountain stages or sprints has castroviejo won?

Most of 2020 in Slovenia was completely without lock-down, there was a little bit in the spring, but it was lifted very early and then after the tdf again. The only time testing might have bern really difficult would have been when Pogačar was locked up in a hotel after the tour of UAE in march or april or whenever that was.

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I don’t know. I live in Houston, and while I forgave Jeff Bagwell, I could not argue with the baseball hall of fame keeping him out for many years. I was shocked when they let him in. I have a beautiful Bagwell jersey hanging in my closet, but I haven’t worn it in a decade.

Over the years, I let my trust build back up and was a massive fan again about 5 years ago, and got to see my team go all the way to the top…and then the scandal broke. I let myself use all the excuses, “oh, it can’t be true, there’s no way they would do that”, “ahh, well if they did it, it was just for a few games”, “oh, well I’ll bet everyone does it and they are just the only ones being singled out and punished because they’re so good and everyone is jealous”…and then I realized I was an enabler. I watched my friends act like it didn’t happen. I watched the city rally around them and defend them because they’re “Our Team, and you always support and never question Our Team” because if you don’t support them, “You’re not a Real Fan”. I realized I’d had enough, and I just don’t watch baseball any more. I’ve quit the sport for good.

I first watched Indurain. Then came Lance and the fully doped peloton. I gave up on the sport for a while. I’m back watching, and it amazes me that people make all the same excuses we saw in the Lance Era. It wasn’t that long ago. How could everyone have already forgotten? It’s on video and in print. And now we have riders only half answering questions and zipping their lips on camera again. I forgave the sport once, but if it comes out we’ve all been duped again, I’ll be done watching.


In 2020, we had a lockdown until 1st of June and from 2nd week of September onwards in Slovenia.

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You are deflecting….you made the point that Wout has pulled the peloton many times up mountains in the service of Roglic, as if that made him a Tour contender. I simply pointed out, using Castroviejo as an example, that it doesn’t mean much when it is their job to do that.

And winning sprint stages doesn’t make someone a Tour contender

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I am not doing anything. Wout can climb, sprint, and TT. He can win the green easily if he wants to. He can be a GC guy if he wants too. I was just responding to above post that was saying he loses time on some mountain stages. The reason for that is because he is expanding a lot of energy on every stage. Either pulling for teammates, lead out for sprints, or contend for sprints, and stage hunting. If he wanted to, he could hide himself on certain days like the GC guys. Not sure he can beat Pog, but he would be on podium.

Btw, he really needs a new marketing person and to get off JV. He is a better version of Sagan on the bike. MVDP has canyon in his pocket and Sagan has Specialized. He should have a bike company for himself and a team built for him to do what he wants. A little more charisma, and a couple wheelies, some fun YouTube appearances and he would be way more popular.


I think it was UCI anti-doping, or a similar agency, stated on the Cycling Podcast that they performed less anti-doping tests, but only because they performed less in-competition testing. I have heard this stated, but I do not think it holds water.

Well put. Personally, I’ve been through cycles of increasing or decreasing interest–but always with the assumption that what we’re seeing on TV is the tip of the iceberg. I totally understand why some folks who expect a pure sport would wash their hands of the whole thing, but for me every single facet of the silly soap opera is pretty compelling.

Edit: Watching the coverage now on SBS and I was just now reminded that the only clean winner of the modern Tour–IMO Cadel Evans–was riding on BMC with doped-to-the-eyeballs “Nice Guy” George Hincapie as his chief domestique. It is what it is.


OK…hit me up when that actually happens.

Chicago fans not letting this one go….on both side of town.

South side last night……(the can eventually made it down onto the field)

North side….

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cough Sammy cough Sosa. Corked cough bats. :rofl:


Schitt….corked bats were the least of Sammy’s offenses.

But he also wasn’t playing in 2016, soooo….:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


2005 was bonkers.

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I agree, I don’t think that holds water either. I think that’s them preemptively trying to protect themselves/excusing themselves.

Vino’s breakaway win on the Champs-Elysées to displace Levi for 5th on the GC was such a fitting end to 2005.

I’ll just leave this here.

I don’t put a lot of stock in comparing one year’s average speed vs. another. A lot of variables, not the least of which is the fact it is never the same course.

This year had a lot fewer summit finishes, which is gonna be a big help in keeping the average speed up.

Not saying the comparisons aren’t w/o some merit, but there needs to be a deeper look at why the speeds ended the way they did.


Tip off USADA… I’m sure it will spook the others if one or a couple in the area get busted.

We had a guy in our area get a random out of season test request. He refused the test and was suspended. I’m sure it struck fear in some others!



Yes ofc, my mistake. I just remembered how Slovenia were the only country to pull of Nat Champs without moving it, so clearly at that point testing was possible and by second week of September it was too late with regards to the tour.

But what is you’re feeling? Did the spring lockdown affect possibility of testing last year?