Toupe Saddle Alternatives

Hi - just wondered if the awesome TR Forum could help with this. I’m UK based and cannot find a 143mm Toupe Saddle which I need for my new bike.
Can anyone recommend something similar - every saddle manufacturer seems to have their own take on things.
I do need the cut out and believe the Toupe is regarded as flat and wondered if anyone had gone through similar what they had ended up with?
Cheers and stay safe.

I used to use a 143mm toupe (Expert Gel with minimum padding) but found they snap halfway down the cut-out. Specialized will normally warranty but as I couldn’t find the receipt that wasn’t an option.

The Specialized Concept Store in Chelmsford did have a black 143 Toupe (comp I think?) on the shelf, might we worth calling them. They are part of Thomas’s Cycle stores up in Colchester so may even have one in stock elsewhere.
01245 265595

Online ir shows Expert Gel in 143 in stock, could be a stock error though (and unsure who fulfills concept store web orders too):

Otherwise, sticking with Spesh, a Phenom may be worth. Most Specialized places will let you trial a saddle and if you don’t get on offer credit. A Power is wider and slightly curved but may also be an option if the width doesn’t cause you issues on thighs.
FYI I moved to a Romin and have also tried a Power Arc, both far more curved but worked for me.

Prologo make some very similar shaped saddles to the toupe, but shape doesn’t necessarily mean it will feel similar.

A quick google too suggests people view a Selle Italia SLR as comparable to a Toupe, but everyone’s arse is different so don’t assume it will be similar to you.

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Marvellous, thanks for the pointers there. My Google–fu on the phone is clearly not that strong in finding these. The wife and kids are using the “proper” tech in the house.

I have a 143mm in the shed if you want. It is used and some of the covering has come of the nose of the saddle (it was on my commuter bike). Might get you out of a hole until the stocks improve again,

A kind of similar experience offers to me the Specialized Power.
If you need the long nose, you could try Fizik’s Antares.

Bontrager Paradigm is a similar long and flat saddle.

Thanks for the pointers and offer there @robbo1234biking I managed to contact an LBS owner and he’s got one in. I got my last saddle from him and had been trying to get in touch with him every day but he hasn’t been open so not answering the shop phone. I tried once more and got through so its all sorted for now. :+1:t2:

I did exactly the same 4 weeks ago, pedal strike on a roundabout must have pushed me into the saddle before I flew off the bike & the saddle is now snapped right across the middle.

I bought it brand new, but from eBay so no chance of claiming. Luckily I only paid £30 rather than the £100rrp.

I have only ridden a Toupe for the last 5 years but my gravel bike came with a Pro Logo Dimension NDR. I usually change a saddle out right away, but I find it similar, a little rounder but still on flat side. Cut outs and snub nosed. I REALLY have liked it. Actually may be more comfortable than Toupe.

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Hmm. That’s interesting as LBS also does Prologo.
I’d rather have a saddle that isn’t going to snap. :scream: I’ll give him a call… :grin: Though my Toupe hasn’t snapped yet maybe being the gel comp rather than higher end?

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Yeah, I have 2 gel comps and neither have snapped. The oldest one has developed the saggy hammock thing in the middle, which isn’t bad, but they all kind of to it. I am pretty thin though at 69 kg so I am not putting too much weight on it.

Where as I’m 97kgs - so… :grin:

It may only be a matter of time… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Sorry edited earlier post to say not snapped yet…