Total fail on Train Now suggestion

I’ve been following the TR plans now since last year… I originally did the Sweet Spot Base low volume (I and II), then moved onto the sustained Power build Low volume. I am currently on week three of this plan. As I’m only on 3x a week I add in outside rides, or Train Now depending on the weather. I do 6 days a week on the bike.

Train Now came up with Johnson the other day when I set it to a 2 hour workout. This is the first time that I’ve ever failed a workout. There was NO way I could sustain 3 minutes at 120% and 130% - So I had to dial down the intensity to 90% and 85% respectively.

I have to admit that I am not a fan of VO2 workouts, but this was something else. Am I doing something wrong? Should I have failed so spectacularly at this workout after following the TR plans to the letter? I was very despondent about it and it’s really hit my overall confidence as I thought I was doing pretty well with the plans. I didn’t feel like I was having a bad day at all.

I hope someone can suggest if I am doing something wrong or why I am so bad at VO2 plus workouts.

Johnson is rated at VO2Max level 10, I thought TrainNow was supposed to provide Productive or Achievable (based on your estimated progression, which anyone not in the beta can’t see yet).

Clearly we don’t know your assumed progression for VO2Max, but kind of guess you may not be near 10.0, so seems maybe TrainNow made a mistake?

Sorry for the lack of helpful response but good on you to give it a try and complete 2 hours. I generally feel bad when I turn workouts down, but honestly this past year I’ve done more challenging workouts (and took more breaks with more effort reductions) than ever before and am measuring fitter for it.


i would mention that to TR support as it may be a glitch in the matrix :wink:


Also, if as you say, you are following the LV plans to the letter, this would be your fourth intense workout of the week. It could stand to reason that overall this was just too much intensity for the week. Try swapping one of your workouts for this on the next go and see if it’s more manageable.


TrainNow is set to help folks who are NOT on a plan. I would not use it to add a 3rd or 4th day if intensity. It does not take into account what is coming up or the stress load you have already done. Just looks at your progress levels and provides workouts from my understanding.

If I were you I’d only use it for the endurance rides on days in addition to your LV plan.


For what it’s worth…

I just tried to shuffle through the suggestions for me for 2 hours rides and only see as high as “Stretch” offered.

I too am on a LV plan and have been randomly adding rides on off days, for me usually an extra 30-45 minute. I understand that I may be hurting my progression possibilities when doing so, but it’s what I’ve done a few times so far regardless and honestly I’ve enjoyed the bonus rides and variety.

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@swag72 Train Now hates your guts because Johnson is a workout where the ride feed looks like the wreckage of the Hindenburg. I’m quite confident in saying the majority of riders who attempt that workout can’t complete it…and if I went ahead and did the math it’s probably much worse than that! :smiley:

That’s a tough workout. Ha! What did you do to Train Now? Did you bully Train Now in high school? Did you date Train Now’s Mom?



I have no idea why it was recommended … I promise I’ve been good to TR :grin::grin: That’s heartening to hear about how difficult that particular workout is… thanks


I don’t think I want to ever see that workout ever again on my screen, let alone to try it again :rofl: I know I cant do 3min at 120%… let alone at 130%.

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Presumably you chose TrainNow’s “Attacking” workout offering?

The problem seems to be that there aren’t many VO2 workouts that are 2 hours long that would be suitable for someone on a low volume plan … unless they have a history of strong progress in VO2 sessions previously.

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All kidding aside, I ran the script anyhow…there is about a 75% FAILURE rate for that workout. Legit. Out of every 4 riders who attempt that workout only 1 can complete it.


Start with Baird -1 for a VO2 max workout. It’s fair to say that one minute intervals aren’t perfect by any stretch it’s just a way of getting used to the effort required for longer and more effective intervals down the line. 2 HIIT sessions a week is optimal for most amateur athletes, so keep that in mind.

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Thanks for the advice… I thought Train Now would give me some variation. I tend to pick over unders as I quite like them :blush:

I can generally manage 90s VO2 max intervals… but they’re hard

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I’m with you. VO2 work is by far, my least favorite workout. I had progressed up to 2.5 min versions last season but they were brutal for me, and rarely did I complete them as prescribed. I have improved my indoor cooling this year so I’m hopeful I can improve my relationship with those bouts!

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I’ve got the exact opposite experience of it recommending off the couch level workouts way below workouts I’ve completed in the past week - but I’ve seen your experience also mentioned by others in the main TrainNow thread. Seems to just be off the rails for a lot of people right now.

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It suggested Dylan to me.



Thanks guys for all your comments - I appreciate the words of support and ideas.

are you in the AT beta? if not I don’t believe Train Now suggestions are based on you personally.

No not on the beta…