Too much intensity for mid volume

So I’ve been through SSB and Build a few times and generally have been ramping up my volume. I started on the Low Volume last year, but always had weekend rides that made it the equivalent of a mid-volume (~500+ TSS) and in some weeks high-volume.

This year I intentionally added more Zone 2 workouts to the Low Volume plans to bump my volume up to the 8-9 hour mark. I’m doing fine so far with 550 TSS in General Build Low Volume + a few extras, but then I noticed that there are some really high intensity workouts in the second half of Build. I compared General Build LV to General Build MV and the workouts in MV are significantly lower in intensity. Ansel Adams +4 is a .91 and that is the most intense workout of MV. I just did Bashful +2 in week 3 of General Build LV and it’s a .94 and there are several harder workouts on the horizon. Am I asking for trouble with mid .9 workouts when riding essentially mid volume to borderline high volume.

edit, actually Kaiser +2 is a .92 which is the highest intensity in the MV plan.

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I don’t think you’re comparing like workouts.

Ansel Adams +4 is 90 minutes at 0.91 IF
Bashful +2 is 60 minutes at 0.94 IF

The hardest 60 minutes of Ansel Adams +4 is around 0.98 IF - it is a much harder workout than Bashful +2

Edit: Kaiser +2 is similar, the hardest 60 minutes of Kaiser +2 are around 0.95 IF


good point.

Ansel Adams +4 has been the hardest workout… - After stopping the working 22min in, Xert had notified me about a breakthrough 20 mins into the workout…

Too much!!!