To Ramp or not to Ramp that is the question?

I have just used the ‘easy way out button’ and it gave me a 3W improvement on my FTP. I have been using an FTP of 230 for the first part of my Build section without any real problem. The reason I question whether to do a Ramp is that I recently did an 8 hour endurance ride at an IF of 80%, based on the 230, and felt reasonably strong throughout the ride although tailed of slightly in the last hour. This figure strikes me as rather high for the FTP especially as I am an older athlete. I have to say I like the idea of the button but not sure if I shouldn’t suffer just to be certain :slight_smile:

Test if you want to test, just that simple.


Probably not, I hate Ramp tests :grinning:

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Problem solved… if only everything was this easy :wink:


If you are using AT and doing the workouts it proscribes, this should take care of itself. If the workout seems easy, say so in the survey. AT gives you harder work to do, next FTP estimate should reflect your abilities better. Or at least this is how I think it’s supposed to work

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You cannot always run away from responsibility in life. Just ramp - which is part of your progress process - put the ftp at what you think you can and push through the additional 30 sec to reach at least 20.00 minutes.


So you had an NP of 184W on an 8-hour ride. To be honest that’s pretty strong for an FTP of 230 but if you hate traditional testing why don’t you just:

  • pick a challenging threshold workout (let’s say at least level 6)
  • manually increase the intensity by 12% on that workout
  • if you survive and live to tell the tale, increase your FTP to 260
  • next time you’ll manage a 184W NP in 8 hours, it will be at 0.7IF so problem solved

I’m with @konradkowara, assuming al other things are equal and environmental factors not significant.

I see a 40km TT in your near future at over 260W…