Titanium: Do I like big (double) butts?

Ok, so I have narrowed my gravel quest down to a Seven Evergreen, and as I met with the local shop to do measurements and figure out the build, the question arose: straight gauge or double-butted?

I’ve done a lot of google research, and it seems like the main advantages are weight (like 0.1 pound weight savings) and ride quality or ‘tunability.’

Weight? Pretty negligible.

But on the ride quality, it seems to me that most of the ride quality on a gravel bike (and this will be 98% ridden on gravel or singletrack) comes down to wheel and tire choice vs subtle differences in tube thicknesses.

A road bike , sure, I could see that mattering a lot. But am I missing something? For 700 bucks, I’m struggling to see the value added for this use case.

Thanks for any insights!

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This is going back a fair while (mid 90s) but when HTs were the prevalent steeds I remember group tests mentioning the difference in ride quality that was attributed to the tube options and double butting was always mentioned in a positive light.

Now, this was back before low pressure tubeless and magazines need a pinch of salt due to marketing stuff but if I had the option I’d do some overtime or not have takeaways to find the extra pennies.

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