Tips to keep liquids from "coming out" during a TT?

Sorry for the gross and vague title lol. What are some tips to prevent throwing up during a 25km TT? Tiny sips? I’ve used tailwind during my first TT and despite settling well during training, I could not keep it down when going all out.

Don’t drink?

Is that normal for a short TT? I’d like to learn.

For a 25km TT, I wouldn’t even bring a bottle. You won’t get dehydrated on that short of a ride, not will you blow through your glycogen stores.


Thanks for the reply. This might be my best bet

It’s very normal on a UK 10miles (16km) TT and our club 17 mile cup (27km) and fairly normal on a 25miler (40km).

Our club has a 10 mile / 16km TT series and everyone leaves bottles on the ground at the starting line.

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I take an aero bottle on the TT bike - definitely drink it and it is certainly not used as a fairing… :wink:

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Don’t drink… most people in 10 & 25 mile TTs in the UK don’t bother with a bottle unless for aerodynamic reasons.

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For 10 or 25 mile (so 16/40k) TT I’d never take a bottle/drinks/food.

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I definitely don’t carry a bottle on a 10 or a sporting 17miler. Ive been carrying a regular bottle on a 25miler. For the last 2 years with chemo damaged fingertips I’ve not been able to drink anyway though, so it’s been a waste of time. Next year I think I’ll experiment with an aero bottle on a 25 for aerodynamic reasons👍

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Thinking about this, what my friend does it put enough in her bottle to have a mouthful waiting in the start queue & has enough left for a mouthful or 2 after crossing the finish line.

We both use these below (although mine is empty). I think I read somewhere if you use them at a UCI event you must have some liquid in it or it is classified as an aero fairing but as I race in CTT (who are older than the UCI) events in the UK that doesn’t apply.

P.S. they are a bastard to relocate whilst riding.


I don’t drink during such short TTs.
Proper pre hydration should suffice. Everything else just complicates things and costs time.
Also, do not drink acidic things if you are prone to throw up. Something basic to balance the stomach is always good before hard efforts (can be a bar, a gel or an electrolyte drink).

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