Tips for adding commutes to TR to avoid adaptations and confusing RLGL

Like many I commute, this averages around 200km per week and around 500-600 tss.

Whenever I take a week or two off training TR always wants to decrease my FTP and drop the intensity of all my workouts even though my fitness has increased over that period. I believe RLGL will not be useful for me because it doesn’t know what work I am doing.

How do you go about adding this tss to your training plans? Do you just forego the plans altogether? Do you just suck it up and spend an hour a week uploading rides to TR?

I have tried:

  • uploading each ride but this takes a lot of time.

  • adding one or two rides a week with an equivalent amount of tss or marking the endurance rides as complete but this doesn’t really match what I am doing as a lot of road riding will be above threshold.

So far what has worked best for me is using my commutes as threshold intervals and doing endurance rides on the trainer but I know this is not optimal.

Any suggestions?

I don’t understand your argument: commutes do add stress and strain to your body and impact how much you can train. They also impact your FTP, it isn’t something you can separate.

If you take two weeks off, your fitness will decrease, not increase.


So your answer is that I should log everything in TR no matter how long it takes and how tedious it is?

Two weeks off TR workouts not two weeks off biking.

Are you using a bike commuter on your commute? My outside rides on my Garmin automatically get pulled into TR


Such a long commute will have an impact. But you don’t have to log everything manually. All you need to do is record your commutes, e. g. with a cycling computer, a smart watch or your phone. (I assume you have a phone on you while you commute, no?)

Once you authorize e. g. the Garmin app, Wahoo app or Strava, rides get uploaded to TR automatically.

Yes, your fitness will decrease not increase if you stop structured workouts over two weeks. I reckon you could replace rest weeks by weeks where you do no workouts, although that wouldn’t be ideal. But 1 week ≠ 2 weeks.


If you can afford it, surely the best solution is a smart watch? Commutes can be easily recorded and auto syncd with TR.

Youll have accurate TSS that way?

If you cant afford a smart watch then I guess set up a repeating workout and tick it as done each day, although I’m not sure how that works with RLGL

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I am trying the recurring workout method to see if it helps with the adaptations problem and works with RLGL. The recurring workouts show a much lower tss than my bike computer for the same length of ride though.

I guess the consensus is to use a bike computer, or smartphone… I have a bike computer, it cost 30 dollars and needs no subscription. Downside is I have to manually transfer the rides to my phone one at a time then upload to TR five at a time (TR doesn’t scroll the upload window so if you upload more than 5 and one fails you don’t know and it’s hard to figure out which one). I don’t want anything expensive because I live in a city where it’s common to come back to a bike with one wheel or no seat or no pedals.

I have tried apps like ridewithgps but everything on a smartphone seems to have problems with connecting the different sensors.

Another big problem is that every app seems to require a subscription, especially if you want it to automatically upload your rides to TR.

Are there any cheap biking computers or apps that can automatically upload to TR that don’t require a subscription?

Thanks everyone.

In the ride edit (pencil icon) this window pops up and you can untick the include in TSS box

Or in your account settings you can adjust the sensitivity of RLGL.

Hey there and welcome to the TR community!

What kind of bike computer are you using to record your rides? Many bike computers these days can be configured so that they’ll automatically upload your data to where you want it to go after your ride. Even if you have to plug it into a computer/phone to upload via cable instead of wireless, you should still be able to upload multiple files at a time.

Not all apps require a subscription either if you’re willing to try them out! I’ve used Strava many times to record activities for free – no payments required to do so.

Our Activity Sync support page might be helpful with getting your ride data uploaded and synced with the platforms you’re using. As an example, I can sync my Strava account with TrainerRoad, and then all of my activities from Strava automatically get pulled over to TR. No need to spend hours on it!

I think it would be worth figuring out the best way to get your rides uploaded. 200km per week and 500-600 TSS is a lot of stress that should definitely be accounted for!!

Additionally, if you aren’t giving TR accurate ride data, then features such as RLGL won’t function optimally for you since it wouldn’t have a complete picture of what you’re actually doing on the bike each week.

Hope this info is helpful – feel free to let us know if you have any other questions!

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What $30 bike computer do you have? Does it sync to anything? Ignore the comments about decreasing fitness, or that bike commuting is not training.