Time in Zone - Totals for Weekly, Monthly, etc

How did you change setting to Polarised? Mine seems defaulted to pyramidal and I cannot see how to change it.

You can’t chance that. It’s calculated on the basis of your time in zones.

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Must be able to. See Chad Mcheese post above which has polarised view compared to mine showing Pyramidal view.

It is allocating Chad and your training to different models based on your training history. So it slots you to the model you best fit.


I see. Thanks for the calrification.

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+1 on this request. :slight_smile:

Bump on this request.

I had this exact thought this morning, especially since there’s been a lot of “time in zone” chat on the podcast lately. Checked in to see if anyone else had and was not surprised to see that the hive mind already come up with this.

Even better, have an option to show time in zone as a percentage breakdown on the weekly TSS bar chart. Like this:

time in zone