Time crunched in the week

Hi new poster,
Ive just started back into fitness and my goal is a long way off march 2021. I’m 52 92kg with a ftp of 210. I’m struggling with time in the week about a hour to spare, so by the time I’m changed and with a shower at the end I’m looking at 45 min session ive been doing carson-5 and ainslie - 5 sessions Tuesday and Thursday. I’m looking for something to compliment these on Wednesday and Friday, weekends are 1 hr endurance a sessions of birch and baxter - 2. Or if weather permits a a 2 hr ride at a sustainable pace.
Any ideas of what to look at…

If you look in the speciality plan > enthusiast section there are time crunched plans to suit 30 and 45 min session lengths :+1:


That, and many of the workouts in TR have variations. Look for the “minus” ones like

These are not always available, but many have shorter versions you can quickly use instead of the longer ones.