Time and Power Blinded Pacing

Random question, but I’m participating in a study that has me to a 4km time and power blinded TT every week. I have no way to know, but I feel like by the end of 1k I’m completely blown and spend the rest of the TT with my power ticking down while I sit on the bike and hyperventilate.

So, as a thought experiment, how would you pace a TT that’s somewhere (probably) between 5-8 minutes with no power data?

I think the most important part is knowing how a max effort for the duration feels.
Then you can pace around that.

But If you struggle after 1k, then I would recommend to maybe start the first half just above ftp then increasing the pace based on how it feels like.

Then from this if you feel like you went not hard enough, you can increase your pace during the first half of the TT each week, until you find the right pace.

( all this assuming it’s on a flat terrain )


Yeah, it’s on a stationary bike running a TT program, so no variation. Time wise, I’ve thought of this similar to pacing a mile running, which feels like death after 1 minutes, but then you just hold on for the next three or four minutes and die 1,000 deaths.

I think it’s a good analogy.

I think 4 to 8min efforts are the type of efforts I did the most, and I learned to pace them exactly like that.
I do them on a climb.

At first I was going too hard at the beginning, and the end was pure suffering and power going down.

Now I go easier at the beginning and although it still feels like a big effort, the second half feels more like mainting a hard effort and power is constant.

The end feels more like the last rep of a 3x 20min ftp workout. At least the type of effort feels like it.
The muscles and mind just feel pure pain :slightly_smiling_face:

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