Tight muscles recovery time? (knee pain as a result of muscles being tight)


Knee pain on my left inner knee has been preventing me from training due to tight hip flexors, rectus fermoris and vasus lateralis. I went to a massage therapist and was given a foam rolling and a stretching routine to follow. The routine is foam rolling and stretching those muscles plus the glutes.

I was told that I can ride a bike as long as it does not hurt my knees. The thing is my knee hurts when I push a high cadence(80+rpm). I can run and lift weights as of now.

My plan is to take a week completely off the bike and keep following the above routine. Do you think I will be ok after that? I am 19 y/o(young enough to recover faster is what I was told) FYI.

your symptoms sound different than mine, but I know I have knee pain because of muscle imbalance. That’s why I swim, which keeps things under control. The other thing I do is use kinesiology tape. You might want to try it. I learned how to tape from youtube, look up KT tape for ITB. My pain is usually under high load, not high cadence.

Oh yes… I also have a slight muscle imbalance which is common for cyclists I heard. I am new to this foam rolling and stretching routine so should that alone resolve it? I don’t really enjoy swimming though

You might need to strengthen the muscles which move you on a side ways plane, rather than forward and backwards like cycling. This would be exercises like clams and side squats with a band. But you should probably ask advise from a physio to check in what would support/ irritate your knee issue.