Tight hamstrings / lower back pain

Well that didn’t go great. Pretty much the top reviewed place in the state. He checked my strengths, core strength, leg muscle strengths, mobilities of everything, anti rotation muscles, flexibility. Basically everything and said everything looks absolutely top notch. But he also said he’s very sure it’s a back muscle pain and not a spinal pain.

This video saved me from a terrible surfing accident!

Highly highly recommend.

I dont think you realise how much you need to stretch something for it to be effective as well as how important it is to strengthen as well as stretch. This video does both.

Fascat Coaching makes that 12 minute Foundation routine part of all their training plans. Its scheduled right into the TrainingPeaks calendar 1-2 times a week right along with the bike workouts. They also schedule in a separate core/mobility routine along with some yoga stretching.

Personally, I would want to know even if they can’t fix it.

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Not a bad point. I just figure itll cost around $1500 and that’s a lot to me. The pt I saw a couple days ago said he was positive it wasn’t a spinal issue though.

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It’s free where I live so ignore me :slight_smile:

i second the person that said it might be weak glutes.

hamstring is extremely strong and wants to do more work when it can. It can easily overpower glute and glute medius.

do a single leg glute bridge…if your hamstring starts to cramp, it’s doing all the work.

so fire hydrants, single leg glute bridges, bird dogs, etc.

give it 2-3 weeks and hope you see some improvement.


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I do agree that it is more likely the glutes than the hamstrings but I would like to emphasize stretching them as well. That has always helped me.