Threshold workout, mid-session breaks

Hi TR collective,
I’ve found a similar question in the forum but would be grateful to hear your opinions on my specific situation.

I had Leconte as a prescribed plan builder workout on Saturday morning. It was a +0.6 threshold workout on my progression levels, so I was expecting a tough one.

I’d done a 30min iTT effort on Zwift on Thursday evening and rightly or wrongly (wrongly I know :man_facepalming:t3:), i’d entered the iTT on my calendar without adjusting the plan. I felt I was carrying some fatigue into Saturday morning, but continued with the workout regardless.

So, I managed to complete the first two sets with no adjustments, but ideally, the workout could have ended at that point. I only just finished the final interval of the second set, before collapsing over the bars.
So it was at this point that I paused the workout and took an extra 3 min break on top of the 5 min recovery before the final set. I completed the first interval on target power but needed an extra 1 minute break between intervals. And then midway through the final interval I had to take another 1 min break, before completing it.

I’ve adjusted my plan now to take into account the iTT’s that I’ll be doing on Thursday evening.

But if found in this situation again during a challenging threshold would I be better to

  1. Reduce the intensity on the fly so that I don’t need to take breaks.
  2. Take the breaks as I’ve done to complete the intervals at 100% power
  3. Chose a workout alternative with a lesser progression value

A 0.6 bump is pretty big without the TT, so if you are still doing the TTs ten I would certainly look for an easier workout on Saturday. There are a limited number of times you can totally overcook the weekly effort before you pay the price. Times two if you are in the northern hemisphere and think you can carry on like this through the season.

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They did a podcast and said it would be fine if you had to get off the bike and let the dog out, go pee ect… as long as it was during recovery time . I think they said training stress was not really effected. I don’t see an issue unless it becomes the norm.

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