Threshold seems unrealistic!

I am in the final phase of Century and I have found the recent plan a little surprising and wanted to see if I am missing something here.

I currently have a Threshold Progression Level of 4.8 and a Vo2 of 4.4. The recent Threshold workouts have been between 8 and 10min at 105%. The recent VO2 workouts have been between 4 and 5min at 106%. It seems really odd that I am expected to hold 105% for 10 min and 106% for 5 min (with a 45sec break).

Am I missing something or have I got an adaptive training edge case?

Edit - should have said this is a low volume plan


I don’t use AT, but both those workouts seem really odd on their own, let alone comparatively.

Don’t compare the numbers between systems. They are calculated differently.

For as much as @Jonathan and @ambermalika preach the mantra that ‘physiology is a system of faders, not switches’ (correctly so!) The century plan (atleast LV) is very switch like in it’s prescription. 105% is Threshold, but cross over to 106% and it magically becomes VO2. IMO a 1% increase(a pointless amount if doing outside workouts IMO) does not warranty a 50% reduction in time. If you can do the 10minutes @105%, 5 minutes at 106% will be easier. Given that VO2 is more about oxygen uptake than a hard power number, I’d venture that the ‘Threshold’ workout would be more VO2, than the prescriped VO2 workout. That said, you can’t compare progression levels between energy systems.

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