Thoughts on data breakdown

@davidtinker Dunno if this is a common issue, but I tried changing my age in the Power section to see how much I’d go up the charts when passing onto a different age bracket. I entered 1979, clicked save but it won’t accept the date, showing ‘NaN’. I’ve tried setting back the year to 1981 but it won’t accept any change I make. It just keeps showing ‘NaN’ no matter what I do. As a result it also no longer shows a power profile.

My age setting on the Setting page now keeps showing ‘Invalid DateTime’.

Can you help me fix that please?

Is anyone tweaking their TR FTP up if spots an increase? I’ve been doing more outdoor workouts in this UK summer and also trying to PR some hills which has seen a number of reasonable single figure eFTP improvements.

I don’t. I need my TR FTP for the training zones, so I’m pretty religious about following a consistent protocol. usually estimates a bit higher than what I get from TR, which is nice, but won’t help me the next time I’m half-way through Lamarck.

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The date input was a bit broken, I have just fixed it so you should be able to capture your DOB now. Tx for the report.

You can see where you fall in different age groups using the age group drop down “M 40-49” etc… No need to change your DOB. Click “(more)” for the full list.

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Awesome thanks! Totally forgot about the ‘more’ option :see_no_evil:

Unless that hill is 15+ minutes I don’t think I would change my TR FTP. If you find that it tracks well and you are able to keep up with your training based on that new number then go ahead and use it. But for certain athletes those shorter efforts that are used to adjust the eFTP can have such a large anaerobic contribution that they may skew your FTP estimate too high. Though if you think that is the case for you then I believe you can play with the eFTP setting and adjust which time durations it uses to calculate the eFTP.

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Well my TR FTP is 240 from a ramp test in June, suggested 246 a week ago and 252 on tuesday. I manually bumped TR up to 246 and just completed Donner 3x12-minute Threshold repeats which undulate between 95-99%

So pleased with that!


@davidtinker Is there a way to filter the Totals page to be for each different sport.
Say I want to look at my zones just for running vs biking?

Yes you can. I added that recently:


Quick question @davidtinker, avg power for intervals in rides, is that true average power or normalised (basically does it include the zeros). Cause I’m seeing some intervals that just seem like the number I see for avg power looks a bit high.

The default “Avg power” field for intervals excludes zeros. However you can click “Fields” at the bottom of the ride timeline chart and add “Real avg power” if you prefer that:

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Thanks. Thought I was going a little mad!

What makes you think normalized power doesn’t include zeros??

Because it’s based around multiplying numbers to the power of 4, and then taking the root…

0^4 is still 0, so 0’s then have a lot less effect on the averaged power.

Zeros are still being included, though?

ETA: I can see how ICU’s “average power” versus “true average power” could confuse people, though. I don’t know why the first is even offered, much less why it is the default. Flattery will get you users, I guess?

:slight_smile: When you are doing an actual work interval you aren’t likely to have any zeros unless your PM is acting up. When you are between intervals and riding in Z2 then its annoying to have it come up as a Z1 interval because you had to stop at traffic lights and so on. I was riding in Z2 dammit!

Thats why I excluded zeros by default. The power duration curve and so on is always “real average power”, this is just for interval stats.


If you stopped, you weren’t riding at any level.

How does calculate %s for each of the training methods - polarized, pyramidal, threshold etc? Is there a prescribed % allocation that they give to each training method based on how long you are spending in each zone per week?

It’s based on the ratios between the different time in zones numbers. I got the classifications from (Alex) and adapted them a little. Here is a previous post on the topic:

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David, is your figure of “training load” for each activity the same as TSS? The About page mentions using the standard Coggan formula. I’ve some activities where I don’t have a power meter (MTB rides) but the figure is derived from HR data. Just wondering how closely the two were aligned.

Edit. I’ve also got an activity that appears in red. What are the triggers for this? I suspect it’s because it’s an endurance ride, 32hrs, and the resulting figures are somewhat off the chart!