The sad implosion of Cyclingtips :( (new title to reflect the max exodus)

If you want old CT back, the whole crew and proper journalism - the new project from the crew:

I am not associated in any way but I believe this can be safe haven for cycling content.


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Sorry! I haven’t seen that. Thank you.

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No problem. Easy to miss some posts in the flow of the day, especially when stuff is moving fast like this. :smiley:

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Velonews is now almost entirely behind a paywall…seems you are down to 1 article a month before you have to at least submit your e-mail.

P*ss off, Outside…you aren’t getting jackschitt from me.

This one hurts almost more than CT…I have very strong bonds to the VN brand. Would anxiously await every new issue at the shop I managed back in the day when it was the main source of information on bike racing.

For your youngins, there was a time when you didn’t have instant access to race results, let along actual coverage. We’d have to wait for a week or more to find out who won what race. :scream:

Anyway…another :fu:t2: to Outside.


Looks like CyclingTips got a redesign now too.

it did and to be honestly it’s not as good. everytime i land on the homepage there’s nothing showing up and i have to select on ‘news’ or ‘tech’ to actually see articles (unless that’s my ad blocker)

kinda disappointing that when they ‘updated’ the site they didn’t really test it.

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Pure laziness…they basically took the VeloNews site design and slapped a CT logo on it…many of the writers are the same.

And Fred Drier is jus an awful writer / podcast host…so good luck using him as some kind of “pillar” for the ongoing Outside Cycling Media endeavors.

A ploy by outside to get people subscribing again?

You’ll continue to get unlimited digital content from CyclingTips…

…but it is the same content and journalists that are on our other sites, so really there is nothing of value here. But please give us your money anyway.

:fu:t2: :fu:t2:


Yeah there’s a giant ad on the top of the website. I think it was there before the redesign too though, so not sure why you’re seeing it only now.

Some nuggets in here.

Seems like his vision is to make Outside owned sites into a microblogging platform, and adopt the Uber/Lyft/Doordash model so they can pay people by the article instead of having paid staff. i.e. Quality doesn’t mean shit, as long as you have quantity. :melting_face:


Yup…that pretty much shows that they don’t understand the industry that they are participating in.

freakin’ idiots.

It is very simple - I can get content almost anywhere. What keeps me coming back are the people I am engaging with. If they just have random people popping in and out, I have zero interest in engaging with their sites.

Just unbelievable that they still haven’t learned this simple fact…especially after the CT implosion.


At a race I did two weeks ago, the photo bundles were offered with a free year outside+.

Very conflicting as it’d be nice to have TrailForks pro, but I don’t need it and don’t want to send O+ any money. I do want to support the photographers, but I didn’t get great shots anyway lol


(and the site immediately crashed because too many people clicked on it…one at a time, please! :rofl: :rofl:)


I try hard to not give O+ any $. Their semimonopoly with bikereg makes it hard. Yet I signed up immediately for Escape. I don’t think Robin Thurston has any idea how users perceive value, or how they despise what he had been doing.

I will acknowledge that many of the titles he acquired might have failed on their own. So they needed to do something different, and his approach is at least something different.