The power Ironman

So I’m looking at what my training objectives will be for the next year and I’m starting to throw around a pretty crazy idea. I would like to attempt to compete in a powerlifting meet (squat, bench, and deadlift) and an Ironman within the same month. The objective being too have to coherent scores; Ex. 1100lb power lifting total would require an 11h ironman time.

Too start out withm I’m well aware that this is not the best way to perform in both sports, but more so too be a generally fit, efficiant human, like the whole crossfit thing but pushed to the very extremes of the spectrum rather than floating around the middle. While in university I work as a strength and conditionning coach and some of my clients are pretty solid triathletes and cyclist so this would also be a great learning experience of pushing things to the extermes (dont’t worry, I dont make my athletes do these kinds of things either).

Last winter I did Trainerroad low volume plan to prepare for crit season while doing specific preparation for the Crossfit open and managed it pretty well. But I would love some input to flipping the biase too the other side, more triathalon volume than stretngth volume,

So the plan is too follow the trainer road low volume full distance plan, but with some slight modifications:

Managing fatigue between bench press and the swim, because of this I’m only going to swim twice a week since benching and low bar squatting will cause a lot of extra shoulder fatigue.

Deadlifting and the bike: switching to sumo deadlift to avoid my lower back blowing up in the TT position.

Managing the high intensity work: Since Ill be lifting more than is reccomanded for this plan, Ill probably take out all work outs with anything over sweetspot since Ill get plenty of anaerobic stress in the gym, Ill replace these with a recovery ride our just count my daily commutes as these work outs.

Strength training: 3 days a week, low volume but high frequency for all 3 lifts
Day 1 heavy squat, medium bench, light deadlift
Day 2 light squat, heavy bench, medium deadlift
Day 3 medium squat, light bench, alternate each week betwen heavy and light deadlifts

Heavy is a phasic structure between RPE 7-8-9 of the competition lift
Medium is a variation movment
light day is REP 5-6 of the competition lift

The rest will probably be the same as the low volume plan, maybe having the shorter runs broken up to more shorter runs because its easier to fit to my schedule and Ill always be doing them tired.

Some context:
FTP at the end of august : 365
5K PR : 21:30, not a whole lot of running volume over a mile in the last couple years, lots of 400 repeats
Hate swimming

Back squat : 405
Bench : 240
Deadlift : 435

BW, depending on my focus floats between 193 to 213, right now around 201

Thats about it, looking for feedback form anyone that might have tried the same thing, input from coach Chad would be appreciated as well. Like I said. I’m aware this isn’t the best way to train for this sport, trying to consolidate 3 things I enjoy and bea bit more jacked than the average triathlete.