The Official - Things need to change thread

Also see sh!tty ricky schroder playing the silver spoons role to a tee.

Seems he did a deep dive with the army a few years ago, wondering if that’s what triggered his maga behaviour.

:100: I was really disappointed in this. Kind of expect better of them and it seemed like they were trying really hard not to offend anyone.

I found this take rather interesting

Essentially he’s looking at the false nature of the apology based on the timing of the signing and how well understood her views were on this topic. I thought his points about the team essentially turning on her immediately after signing her were interesting

Setting aside how I feel about her racism - the hypocrisy of the team is mind boggling. They are fully culpable in having signed a rider with known radical beliefs, and once it turned into a PR situation they promptly turned on said rider.


Most of this companies work with contracts that probably are hard to break.
They sign sponsorship deals that would cost them money if they get out.

Can’t really blame Canyon, SRAM, Rapha and many other companies who use their money to sponsor teams, and then have to deal with the fallout of an asshole member of the team.
I put full blame on the team ownership for not making a statement (firing/suspending the rider)
I partially blaming the bike companies for not stepping in and publicly saying they are doing things to make sure this shit doesnt happen again (stop sponsorship at the end of the year/contract for example)

To answer @jmmetsar “questions”.

I would not think anyone buying a Canyon is necessarily racist. They make great bikes at reasonable prices. Could you do more. Yes you could buy from another company. But we all know that for many, thats not an option.

@jmmetsar you are using questionable rhetoric to make some kind of a point.
If you think buying a canyon makes you racist and feels bad about it, its ok. Its not your fault.
If you are trying to justify with a bunch of stranger your choice of bike, thats a bit sad.
I read your whole thing and i really read like “text book” trolling effort.
The “baby turtle” comment was the real give away. No one really asking what to do with the bike, would be asking that, that just ridiculous over the top rhetoric trying to prove something stupid.