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The local police union defended Pearce Wednesday. “We firmly stand behind Officer Pearce,” Salt Lake Police Association President Steven Winters told CNN after the charge was announced. “We believe he was justified in what he did, and look forward to the criminal justice process working its way out.” Pearce has not yet appeared in court.

The above paragraph is the core problem with the police in the US.
The union could have said something like, “We are going to wait for a full investigation before making a comment”. But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
let come out at say it was justify to send a dog to a person on its knees and hand on his head.
100% justified!


“Our wicked plan to take over the government by being unable to afford healthcare and getting shot by racist police is also coming along nicely”.

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At some point, you just need to cut people loose. There is no reasoning, persuasion or logic which can pierce the veil of Fox News bullschitt. I have zero time in my life for Trump supporters. They aren’t conservative, there is no ideology behind supporting him except racism and to “own the libs”.


I read your words and know you don’t really mean that…
Loads of people are good at heart and only want to live a good life amongst friends. Most people are also pretty cash strapped.

You have to work with what you’ve got. The reluctance to engage with others is what’s allowing polarised politics to flourish globally.

No, I meant exactly what I wrote.

It isn’t right vs left / conservative vs liberal / republican vs Democrat…it is moral vs immoral, decency vs indecency, democracy vs authoritarianism.

There is no “middle ground” or “other side” on some issues and people who support this President have no space in my life.

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My problem with “cutting people loose” or “letting people be to expend my energy elsewhere” is that, at least as I see it, this mindset leaves BIPOC people in unsafe situations because I, in my privilege, find it too challenging to deal with.

I understand that it isn’t easy, and I don’t have the time or emotional strength to engage in this difficult work all the time, but writing off people as brain-washed and hopelessly racist means that their views will continue, unchallenged within their communities, and BIPOC people will still be endangered by them. It’s exhausting and frustrating for me, but not literally dangerous.


Isolate and shame those people…there is no reasoning with them, no logic which will change their minds.

If they still support Trump after the last 4 years, there is nothing I can say to them to get them to see the light. It is at best, willfull ignorance and they are OK with it.


As my wife says, there is difference of opinion and then there is wrong thought.


For those who don’t want to sign up for/download anything:

It’s a trap. That’s exactly how they’re controlling the narrative.


You just proved my point…if they are trying to control the narrative, that means they aren’t open to discussion on the topic and just want to dominate the topic.

I see no point in trying to discuss things with people like that

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It’s ideological as opposed to factual at this point, and ideological is so much harder to over come.
We’ve had 4(?) years of Brexit showing all the fucking crapness we expected but there’s plenty still saying how great it will be.

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So tell me how you are supposed to reason with people like this…an American legend, who died less than 24 hours earlier, is the subject at a political rally for a ghoulish chant and reveling in her death.

No, sorry…there is no reasoning with people like this because they are not intellectually honest. They only want to “own the libs” and be as outrageous as possible. There is no shared ideal of making this country better…they just want to “win”.


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The environmental impact of pro cycling has been a talking point in recent years. From the swathe of on-race team busses and cars to the jettisoning of bidons into hedges, the sport has been called out for its unwieldy ecological footprint. Recent years have seen race organizers make moves to lessen the environmental impacts of their events, with riders fined for throwing food wrappers in unauthorized areas and teams encouraged to use low-emission vehicles. – VeloNews

Tour de France tally:
5 years – 29 hybrid/electric vehicles to improve the environment

115 years – 1 Black rider to improve international racial representation

Cycling has failed enormously.

That mask stunt was an embarrassing and pathetic fiasco.
That said, I’m coming from a stance of white privilege, perhaps it was much more meaningful to BIPOC cyclists.

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White perspective:
Tejay van Garderen – “I’m really proud of the riders and the stance we’re taking. Hopefully this can be a movement and not a moment.”

Black perspective:
Kevin Reza – “I’m not waiting for a revolt in the peloton because I know there won’t be one,” he said, adding that there were people who wanted to make changes in cycling “but they gave up”. “It shows that cycling isn’t ready to evolve in that way.”

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Tiniest drop in the ocean but it’s a chance to smile at something:

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Morton in general, seems like a decent and likable guy. His bikepacking/endurance riding/racing stuff, and now this.

I imagine he does okay, but he’s not a mega $$ earner. Some of the other pro tour riders seem a bit full of themselves and buying fancy cars (G Wagon’s etc), and would never consider doing some of these events like Morton does or donating kit.

What would a revolt in the peloton look like?

  • Harsher punishments for racism in the peloton? E.g. Moscon being banned for a season instead of 6 weeks when he abused Reza in 2017? No issues with that (frankly I’m amazed Moscon still has a contract at all, talented rider but seems to just be a complete asshole)
  • Diversity quotas? Big issue with that, there’s not much evidence that there are a bunch of talented non-white riders at junior or top amateur level who are being denied a chance because of their skin colour not their ability. In which case hiring riders to meet a quota would just be tokenism and would arguably be a step in the wrong direction as there would be resentment that they got in for reasons other than ability
  • Pro riders and teams doing more to encourage grass roots cycling and get more kids racing bikes in neighbourhoods and countries where they currently have no opportunity to race bikes? All in favour - the wider we can throw the net for talent the better for the sport as a whole. Just not sure I would characterise this as a “revolt in the peloton”.

Another coffee business to support (US).

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