The Ironman Training Thread 2024

This month has been good training-wise. It’s been my biggest volume month this year - I did an 17hr week a few weeks ago, which will probably be about the biggest I do in this training plan. I did a 70.3 this morning, which is my B race for the year. I was reasonably happy with the swim and bike, but I blew up in the last third of the run so feel a bit disappointed overall. That has only happened to me once before in a 70.3 and on that occasion I knew I had gone too hard on the bike. Today is a bit of a mystery. It’s my first race in 5 years so could just be the fact that I’m 5 years older (now 42) so simply not as capable as I was a few years ago. Anyway, my A race (IM Vitoria Gasteiz) is only 6 weeks away so probably not much I can change between now and then. I just need to hope today was an off day.


The swimming and running volumes need to go up, but everything felt pretty good after struggling with some lingering back, neck and hamstring issues through most of April and early May.

I probably had too many slow MTB rides mixed in with and sometimes replacing trainer rides, but I ended up with 17 rides totaling 27 hours and 24 minutes and 275.95 miles.

12 runs totaling 8 hours 48 minutes and 57.45 miles.

8 swims totaling 5 hours 29 minutes and 9.03 miles (or 15,900 yards).


Well, shit. My wife just tested positive for covid; I’m still testing negative but feeling less than great, so I probably need to skip Boulder. Four years into the pandemic without catching it was a pretty good run, I guess.

Good luck. What awful timing…

@gesteves thanks for the roll call. Hopes its not covid and if it is I hope you get over it quick.

I lost the first week of May due to flu but despite this its been a good month for training:

Swim - 5 hours 45 - it was warm enough for my first OW swim and i was quickly reminded how different it is to swimming in a pool!

Bike - 30 hours - FTP has been pretty stagnant at around 270w but I’m really a cyclist playing at tri so i can live with that. I’m not sure if my inability to get it any higher is because of me getting older or due to all of the running and swimming. Two years ago prior to my enforced year off due to covid issues it was closer to 290w.

Run - 8 hours - was struggling with shin splints in April but seem to be over that now.

My B race for the season was Outlaw Half 70.3 on 19th May. Overall time was 5 hours 6mins. Was pretty happy with that (my reference point is the only other 70.3 I’ve done which was Outlaw X in 2021 - 5 hours 28).

I was 5th in age group (55-59) and faster in every respect compared to 2021.

Swim 40mins (44min in 2021). I feel like i could have been quicker. I seemed to be faster than a few of the people starting around me and swam into the back of a couple of people. I found this really off putting and ended up stopping quite a few times to sight. Clearly need to work on this and swimming/sighting continuously.

Bike 2 hours 24 - was fastest in age group so happy with this.

Run - 1 hour 52 - again happy with this. This was actually faster than my PB for a standalone half marathon from a few years ago which was 1-55. The course was 3 laps and i managed to negative spilt it and actually lift the pace on the last lap.

I’ve now got 8 weeks left until my A event - Outlaw Full - so that’s effectively 2x 4 week training blocks - doesn’t seem like very long when you put it like that!!


Seeing if I can ramp back up to three runs per week while maintaining the high bike volume. Swim is optional now but still in play. I just can’t find the time for strength as well.

Outdoor only saw my ftp fall a smidge so I’m aiming for two indoor bikes a week to retain quality.

May held steady

Hoping I can pull the trigger on the London Olympic and have a race this year at the end of July. Unlikely to be a PB effort though.


Good month of training and a good race.

53 hours of training, 46,637 yards of swimming, 476 miles of cycling 68 miles of running and 3:40 of strength work. I raced the Kinetic Multisports Festival Olympic, won my age group by close to four minutes. The run course is a double loop with miles 1 and four being uphill. This was my third fastest Tri 10k, the two faster ones were on flat courses.

My swimming is suspect, last year at Eaglemen instead of swimming a rectangle I swam an Oval, I have been working with a new swim coach this year which has improved my technique and for a mental kick I did a 5k swim last Friday in preperation for this years Eagleman.

Goal is a podium spot.

Bill Downing


Update on my open water swimming. Wore my swimming shorts and a rash vest under my wetsuit, a good bit of petroleum jelly on neck and hands and now swimming 20 seconds per 100m faster. Guess I’m just a wimp where cold water is concerned.


Great month of training for me! I’m sticking pretty hard to the TR LV long distance plan. My only adjustment has been for RLGL. I had to move the slider all the way to the right because every time I complete the prescribed workouts it had me doing rest days for my long runs. I think it’s working a bit better now after a few months of training.

Swim - 6.5 hours, 20k yards. Swim is feeling really good this year. Not sure why, but it just kinda fell into place for me. I got in 2 open water swims. Next month I’ll have to cut back to 2 swims per week at the pool (schedule change at work), and get in a few OW swims throughout the month.

Bike - 22 hours, 290 miles. I finally got the Tri bike out a couple of times for long rides. Added latex tubes and GP 5000’s. Feel SO much faster! FIt is dialed, did a 3 hour ride with zero discomfort holding aero >90% of the time.

Run - I had just under 9 hours with 57 miles.

Overall I had 41 activities for 42 hours. Strength is a must this year, using Joe Friel’s strength maintenance for triathletes. Getting in 1 session per week, but my 1rm doesn’t seem to be dropping significantly so winning!

I have a local Oly this Saturday, so that will be a good test. Tahoe 70.3 in August and IMCA in October. Stoked!


Man, love when that happens. Sometimes it just clicks into place, happened to me a few weeks ago (weirdly enough after watching some swimming videos on Instagram) after tweaking my technique just enough to shave about 5 seconds off my pace. It was awesome.


Not even gonna look at my numbers but things haven’t been going well due to the whole house being sick. We spent April passing a cold back and forth. Tot and GF finally hit up the Dr before we had to fly first week of may and they got treatment for ear/sinus infections. I went when we got home and was also given some antibiotics. On top of that the Tot doesn’t like to go to sleep until super late making it near impossible to wake up to work out. We’ve been getting back to it the last week or so.

Looking at my dads Strava he is barely doing better than we are so Musselman is going to be a long day for the 3 of us.

I did knock out 2400 yards this morning, first swim since last summer! Thankfully that comes back quick. Might stop for a run on the way home.


Hi all - Just a couple of updates.

Due to life, won’t be doing IM Florida 140.6 but will be targeting the Clash Daytona in 70.3 in December. Have started the MV Half Distance plan using Plan Builder…even though 56 yr old chose the non-masters plan version as my work and family travel will give plenty of opportunities for rest and break.

May was quite light due to intensive work travel and vacation…had intended to do a bit more to maintain but it just wasn’t in the cards. Still, it was a good rest mentally and physically to get me started prepping for December 70.3. Have a few cycling and triathlon races in between now and then.

Run Time: 4:19:00, 38 km
Cycling Time: 6:16:00, 188 km
Swim Time: 1:56:00, 5300 m
Gym Time: 1:39:00
TSS: 790

Picking back up in June!


May was a disaster, first week I had flu like symptoms, nothing too bad, plus it was a deload week so I wasn’t too bothered. Ending up with a horrendous cough in week 2 and 3, week 4 felt better but still coughing, was on holiday in West Wales and managed one ride and 2 runs. Saw the doctor this week as I’m still coughing, and she thinks I have whooping cough, waiting for swob results, and on antibiotics. Been given the all clear to train, managed good runs and rides this week. but swimming difficult with the cough. AI FTP dropped from 220 to 210, annoying as I thought I’d be at 230 if I wasn’t sick, Anyway onwards and upwards and hopefully get 6 good weeks of training before Swansea 70.3. The good news is that I’ve signed up for Ironman Hamburg in June next year, my first full distance, so exciting times ahead.


5 weeks and two days now. :wink:



:man_swimming: - 3h36m - 11km, with 3x OWS 1600yards, 2667 yds and 2979 yds

:bike: - 39h33m

:man_running: - 8h41m - 106km, still building back up (was only 3h14m - 39km in April.)

Total 51h52m down 10 hours from April due to the way the rest weeks fell and a mini taper for Cotswolds 113 this last Sunday.

Averaging 14.2 hrs per week for the season (started 4th Oct) last 35 weeks.

Finished Cotswolds 113 Sunday my first middle distance.

:man_swimming: 0h44m
:bike: 2h46m
:man_running: 1h41m


Actually I only just realised it was my 4th Triathlon (2nd inc OWS), two Sprints with 400m pool swim a sprint with 800m ows and Sunday with the 1.2 miles.

Great day, was very pleased with the run, it was journey into the unknown, with hindsight I could have push the second lap of the bike harder and still ran that time or within seconds.

Next:- IM Swansea 70.3 in just over 5 weeks (there was 6 weeks between the two.)


New bike day! I’m gonna take it out for a spin this afternoon; this definitely makes up for missing my race in Boulder today.

(More photos here.)


That’s one beautiful bike! It looks very classy in those colors!

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Those pictures make me want to buy a new bike!


A belated response to the most recent roll call…

May was a good month for me. My weekly averages for the month are below. A couple days back I did Des Moines 70.3 and finished in just a hair under 4:36, good enough for first in my AG. I averaged over 23 mph on the bike, which is great for me. I paid for it a bit on the run, but still came in at a solid 1:32. The plan is to go easy for the month of June and then start training for IMFL.

S: 10,200 yds
B: 7 hrs, 15 minutes
R: 34 miles
Overall: 14 hrs, 30 minutes


Top job. Well done.