The Ironman Training Thread 2024


I managed to analyze a little bit the ride file with TR, a IF 0.79 ride, VI 1.06 TSS 378
(TP ride here )

first 30 min - avg 240w - np 245w
@1h - avg 225w - np 232w
@2h - avg 225w - np 232w
@3h - avg 222w - np 231w
@4h - avg 220w - np 231w
@5h - avg 216w - np 228w
@end 6h - avg 211w - np 224w

in the last 1h alone, avg 184w - np 198w
in the last 30min, avg 162w - np 182w

I had very rough end of the bike section, but looking at the data it seems even worse. :flushed:
I hope it will be a “lesson learned” for Kona :grimacing:

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That is actually pretty similar to mine - IF 0.8 / VI 1.1
That course does favour higher power in the first half as it has more climbing and more headwind.

How did you run off 378 TSS? That seems very high. A rough guide would be 250-300TSS

My drop in power was even worse, these are 20min laps :grimacing:

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wow awesome split mate!

well it seems that I carried that TSS load to my run, of course.
I hoped to run something close to Cervia (3:09) but ended up running almost ten minutes slower (3:18) and in the second half totally “disconnected” , refusing to check the garmin split, etc…

wonder how you are doing now and how did you recover?
I took a week completely off and resumed training with some easy run (my Tacx Neo2t died the week before Lanza) but still feeling a little fatigued.

also, with that splits I guess you qualified for Kona?

Again I had a pretty similar run vs my best. Have done 2:48 (Italy last year), did 2:56.
Definitely would take lots of self-control and smart pacing on the bike to run well on that course.

Have not been managing sessions with intensity well since to be honest.
But have got a middle distance next weekend so hopefully the body starts to come around.

No Kona slot for me. I was 5th with only 2 slots that 1st and 2nd took.
Probably a good thing for me, It would be a super expensive trip & I would not be close to completive at the pointy end.
What about you?

I was a bit sad after the race because I realized at least 5 positions before me were very close and with a more focused run I could have managed to place better.
In my age group there were 4 slots and surprisingly the roll down went to my 12th place, I was better placed in Italy but the slots there were gone fast.
I thought about refusing the slot for underperforming during the run, but then decided it was a no-sense, as I worked hard to get to Lanzarote, and took it. Kona is happening on my birthday too.
I also like to believe it has been Karma, in 70.3 Croatia I did not take a legit slot for 70.3WC in Taupo for 3rd place and let it to someone else, now it seems it was my turn.


Great birthday present :+1:


Hey, is this the IM Lanza support group? :laughing: I’ve been reading this 2024 thread but first post of the year.

I raced Lanza too, got 6th place in M40 with 9:53. First full distance, happy to finish and go sub 10 hours, but was disappointed not to do better overall. Thought I wasn’t deserving of a Kona slot so didn’t bother attending roll down, maybe that was a mistake! But yeah, a lot of flying miles / time / cost.

It’s been good reading post-race thoughts of others and seeing your bike data in particular. Here’s my bike data FWIW: Activity | TrainingPeaks. IF 0.75 and VI 1.08. Looking at 1st and 2nd in my AG their average speed is a good 2kph faster than me, so I’m wondering how I can close that gap. I wonder if I should have pushed the climbs a little more and plan to do some ‘what if’ analysis with Best Bike Split to play through a few scenarios.

The run… I felt so good in the first third, thinking “I’ve got this” and I’ll settle/slow towards my target pace. But, sore quads and a stomach cramp arrived and it was a rescue job from there. Getting onto the Coke seemed to do a lot to perk me up in the last third!


Thanks so much to everyone for sharing your nutrition plans. It’s really insightful and helpful. I’m going to experiment with a few different strategies:

  1. One high carb drink plus a mix of veleforte bars and maurten gels (I will also try precision hydration gels to see which is less sweet).
  2. ditch the carb drink and just mix veloforte bars and gels.

I may also carry a packet of mini cheddars or ritz crackers. I remembered that I did this in an IM years ago and found that it helped take the edge off the constant sweet taste of everything else.

I only have 6 weeks til my race though so want to nail this down asap.

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Man that is insanely quick for Lanza. Well done. Just a cool 3.5 hours quicker than I was :joy:


Maurten gel is neutral and also drink mix is not so sweet when compared to others like Beta Fuel drink.

What I like of the Beta Ful Energy chews, instead, is that they are a little “salty” even in fruit taste (I prefer orange). Besides, if you are doing an effort at 80% ftp, it will soon become too hard to eat solid like bars…chews are soft and easier. Give it a try, but they are also quite expensive, like Maurten products I would say.

awesome split…you should be proud!
At the cerimony I do not remember who took the slots in your AG as it was called after mine but I guess they were 3.
Seeing our files, you were 25min (!) faster than me, even if NP is pretty similar and also w/kg is not too different, I ended up with more TSS because if I understand correctly I should have a lower FTP (280 - 72KG) than you - but hey 25min is a lot of time, probably also you were flying in the descents?

Do you both have rides public on Strava? Can use the segment compare or Flyby feature to see where time is being lost or gained.

Hello, mine is here:

There’s usually salty crisps on the run course.

Don’t forget the value of plain water.

Be wary of comparing power based metrics, there will be variation between devices. And variations in establishing FTP.

Plus I’d suspect your FTP was higher not lower, given the stats you’ve posted.

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I had a pretty good month. After St. George, I switched from the half-distance plan to the high-volume full-distance one to start prepping for Ironman Canada, which put me back into a couple weeks of base, so it was a pretty easy month. Next weekend I have Ironman 70.3 Boulder, and Ironman 70.3 Coeur d’Alene a couple weeks later, which are my B races so I’m probably not gonna taper much, if at all, and I have no goals other than treat them as tune-ups. I also finally managed to order a tri bike! Unfortunately not in time for Boulder, but hopefully it’ll get delivered this week and I’ll have a week or two to get the fit dialed in for CDA.

Also, I ran the Grand Teton Half Marathon today. My plan was to just do it as a my long, slow run of the week, and of course my plan lasted about 0.005 seconds into the race, so I sent it. I finished fourth in the masters category and got a half marathon PR. Not bad! (although I might regret it next weekend in Boulder.)


Ventured into the ocean last month. Absolutely freezing. My swim pace is about 25 seconds slower than the pool. I was faster last summer when I was learning to swim. I’m putting it down to the cold water. I don’t have much meat on me and naturally low blood pressure, so I think I just shut down in cold water. A bit disheartening, but….

……Bike going well. Pretty much my strongest now, which is amusing considering I was like Bambi on ice last October. Marginal gains on paper: FTP 234 to 240 & W/kg 3.30 to 3.33 but smashing my PBs locally by good margins. Knocked 15 mins off my best time for the large loop of the IMWales course today. 4hr 15 - 4hr 00. Have got my first ever event in 5 weeks (olympic tri) and knocked 10 mins off my previous best of 1hr 30 on that bike course.

Running is coming along nicely. Was afraid I wouldn’t be running the whole marathon of IMWales with my knee injury from last year, but that seems to be subsiding and I’m putting more and more distance on it. Pace is improving all the while too.

Overall, pretty happy.

Will be up Fishguard spectating Challenge Wales and supporting some friends. Will keep an eye out for you @Benwgoodfellow