The Ironman Training Thread 2024

Happy Canada day. It was a good June for me, winning a local half distance race and hitting some PB’s in the swim and run. Few weeks until the next race, goal is to stay injury free and keep it consistent. Happy training everyone.


June was a good month for me. Run and swim training time down a little due to racing, heat, and pool issues. Highlight of the month was Eagleman. My goal was just to podium, ended up winning the age group. Biggest learn from that day was no matter what happens stick to your plan. I had a horrible swim, but five minutes into the bike I convinced myself that everyone else had a subpar swim so put your head down and follow your plan. Swim 25th, bike 4th, run 1st. The wife and I decided not to take the Worlds slot, due to cost and availability of accommodations. I ended the month on another high, last week was my highest volume week, and as I sit here typing there is no residual tiredness, I feel pretty good. Head down on the way to IM Maryland

Swim 37,485
Bike 506
Run 84


That’s awesome, congratulations!


Had a decent month. Got 2nd in my AG at a local Oly. Other than juggling vacation time, I completed all of my planned workouts.

Swim - 23,655 yds
Bike - 271 miles
Run - 77 miles

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still too light being a week and a half out, thankfully my bike is good enough (basically back to my peak from 2015 ftp/endurance etc) so i can half ass the swim, go all out on the bike, and then get to the finish by any means necessary… which is always the plan.

swim 10,800 yards (4 swims?)
Bike not sure on miles since don’t record it on trainer but 20ish hours. (0 hours on tri bike outside though…)
run 21.63 miles

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I lost 10 days of training due to a work trip, but did fairly well being consistent for the other parts of June.

Swimming: 14,450 yards
Biking: 305 miles
Running: 58.5 miles

My son is joining me at my first race of the year this year (XTERRA Portland on August 4), so that’ll be fun.


June has been more of the same. Water temp is increasing and along with it, my open water pace. Averaging 2:00/100m now which is nice. About 10 secs slower than the pool though.

On the bike, FTP up to 244 & w/kg 3.46. Increases in that seem like they’re going to be an uphill battle from here on.

Running… I’ve been able to incorporate sprints into my training. Knee seems to be good for 25k too, so quite optimistic that I’ll be able to put a marathon on it by September.

Got my first ever triathlon this Saturday which I’m looking forward to. Standard distance. Looking a bit breezy, so hopefully the swim isn’t cancelled :crossed_fingers:


June was great and crappy at same time. Starting with crappy:

  • Coming off of several weeks of personal and business travel (three weeks international +13 hours TZ difference) and not much consistent exercise, my FTP dropped to lowest level it has been since I got my first power meter in 2010 (14 years of aging will do this). A substantial drop (almost 20%) from my high in April after the state TT championship (40K)…I was shocked TSTL.
  • First couple of workouts back on the bike, swim, and run, it was apparent something was off…RHR elevated, not sleeping well, felt weak when exercising, numbers quite low…could have been some illness but I felt fine otherwise…so I decided to not start a plan during those two weeks and JRA as I felt like it to get back into the swing of things.

Now for the great…after those two weeks started a TR MV Half Distance plan to build toward December 70.3. Since then, things are back to normal…feeling stronger, RHR back to past trends, sleeping well, etc. Endurance and paces are slowly coming back…tempo rides getting easier and easier for same workout. Keeping FTP at its current rate and won’t be using AI, as I really want to re-build a stronger base with Z2 and Z3 for the next few weeks, then progress into TH and SST extending TiZ.

June Stats:

  • Run: 8:30:00, 73km
  • Bike: 28:35:00, 795km
  • Swim: 7:23:00, 16000m
  • Gym: 2:38:00
  • Total TSS: 2617

Good luck to everyone!


I’m losing the faith, not keen on training, no goal event, it’s endanger of all unravelling.


Thanks @gesteves

June was a solid month of training for me. Ramping up the volume a little more ready for my A event at the end of July.
Swim - 9 hours
Bike 35 hours
Run 15 hours 45

Starting to lose motivation to train and just want the event to be here. But I’m ticking the sessions off and am going quite well when I’m doing the training. Another week of proper training then going into a 2 week taper.


In 2024, we will commemorate the magic of the Okanagan one last time as the City of Penticton, located in British Columbia, Canada, hosts the final edition of this cherished event. This race’s impact was pivotal, fostering the growth of our sport in ways unimaginable, and for that, we are grateful. Over the years, numerous remarkable professional and age group athletes have competed in Penticton. Athletes and families come back year after year to Penticton due to the strong sense of community fostered by the city, and that is truly what makes this place so special.

Bummer, this year’s Ironman Canada in Penticton will be the last one. I think this is probably my last shot at completing a full-distance race, at least for a while. I don’t think there are any left that are still within driving distance to me and I really don’t want the hassle of flying with my bike and gear.

That is too bad, I’ve always wanted to do Penticton. I wonder if a competitor will come in, I know Challenge had a few years and I think Super League had a year or two.

Well, Chattanooga didn’t go according to plan. Swim went as expected, but started having stomach issues on the bike which affected my fueling. Would have finished ahead of schedule if it weren’t for the extended port a potty stop at the last aid station. Stomach was cramping as I started the run and I called it a day a few miles into it. Not a big deal as this was simply a dry run for North Carolina.

Training is ramping back up for NC and the body is feeling good in spite of the summer heat.


Leaving for Musselman tomorrow, unfortunately the GF is out, she crashed and broke her hand on a training ride last week. My dad is definitely undertrained in a gonna have a miserable day kind of way, but he has fun so all that matters. I’m undertrained in a I’ll do a 6 hour and be annoyed way, while realizing that many people can’t do that trained. I had taken my disc cover off to do some work on my rear wheel and I can’t even be bothered to spend the 20 minutes setting it back up, probably won’t even shave my arms (which the GF will appreciate).

I was just scrolling instead of working and came across this reel. This is just a germany/roth rule I think right? not ironman? Haven’t seen anything about it in the US/Ironman. The no bottles down the shirt rule is breaking my google searches.

I’ve never heard of this in an Ironman, no.

From one of the comments in that reel:

it’s not about the direction of the bottle but not allowed to be over the top tube further than the head set

Huh. Why does that matter?


Thanks, I never signed back into IG after replacing my phone so I can’t always see all the comments.

Maybe at that point it becomes a fairing? but then is a top tube/bento bag a problem? Definitely confusing rule.

Swansea IM 70.3 in the bag, a fantastic day out in (a very rare) sunny Wales. Survived the swim (6 minutes faster than last year), a nice hilly bike course with 1100m climbing, stayed out of the red to actually manage to run the half marathon properly. Still
Mega slow at 7 hours but 30 minutes faster than last year so very happy.

Have entered Hamburg IM next year, my first full distance, so looking forward to some consistent training over the next year.