The Ironman Training Thread 2023

I love snorkeling I have 0 issues with it (probably because of the fins)

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Didn’t get a reply, but I have registered for IM Swansea 70.3 July 2024. Not doing Poland next year.

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Should be a good event. It’s on my to do after the family visited Swansea last summer and enjoyed it. Be careful around the central, cheap accommodation though, the kids were a bit scared by the raging young adults at night.

Hello guys.
I am on a triathlon long course plan for Ironman Lanzarote. I’ve already followed the same plan for an Ironman in September with good results.
As I am more accustomed to flat courses and I generally do almost all of my rides on the turbo, what suggestions do you have to incorporate some specific work for the bike course of Lanzarote, that has much climbing?

I guess some “out of the saddle work” during tempo - sweet spot intervals? and generally more low cadence work?
Having to train during winter in Italy I won’t have many occasions to do outdoor rides.

thanks for your suggestions

Quite the opposite, in my opinion.

Lanzarote is very hot, very windy and mountainous. Getting out of the saddle should be kept to a minimum, practice climbing in aero position for very long sweet spot efforts. Virtual rides on Fulgaz or Rouvy or whatever has the course can be useful - and maybe prop up your front wheel to get used to aero uphill.

At the end of the day the most important thing is your aerobic endurance, and in my experience a fully functioning bike :slight_smile:

You can do low cadence high power intervals.
Because let’s face it, those hills do not look easy or short…