The Ironman Training 2021 Thread

That’s the freaking best and worst climb lol. Stunner of a view.

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So as per usual, I missed the check in by a good margin, however this month i have a genuine excuse/reason!
Last Saturday (8 days ago) I Everested a local hill and have been busy recovering and working since with little down time. EVERESTING HALL OF FAME - EVERESTING

Looking forward - Kind of just gonna wing it for a bit with getting back into the rythm of tri training as the last 3 months were specifically focussed on cycling a bonkers amount to get ready for that.
I just set up the next 8 week plan, basing off the 8 week POL build, adding in a recurring weekly goal to get some tri strength back.
Mon, Wed, Fri swimming during lunch break, Tue, Thur, Sat/Sun running. Just going to start off easy with 2km swim sets and 30min/5-6k easy runs with 60min/10-12k easy run. Might mix it up about the 4/5 week mark and boost them to 45/90 runs. The swim is harder to boost due to time, so likely that will only increase as I get faster. Aiming to do low HR training for the most part, low and slow to build the base again. Hopefully I can bring the run down to about 4:30/km while keeping the HR in some sort of endurance realm, but we can all dream, right?

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What do you drink or eat during your IM?

Some say solid food is unnecessary.
Do you use special needs?
What about electrolytes? Can they mix up with energy drink?

Every hour on the bike

150g sucrose (table sugar)
.5 serving AminoLean pink lemonade
1g sodium citrate

On the run I just use Maurten gels. 4x per hour

Hi everybody (& @JoeX ) - months training has been affected by another lock-down here in NZ. Pools are closed again, and we’re not allowed to swim in the ocean at this lock-down level. My swimming was making good progress but haven’t been swimming now for 3 weeks…

I have picked up my running though and basically replaced all my swims with runs. I have averaged 10hrs per week for the last three weeks; all inside either on the trainer or the treadmill.

If anybody has some spare time - log a swim for me?? :rofl:

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Pretty awesome…

I know the guy who finished 2nd OA at the Wisconsin 70.3.

Very gifted athlete. Wonder what he could do if he had a super bike (the cycling was by far his slowest event)

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Good luck to everyone racing 70.3 Washington this weekend! Looks like we will have some proper Northwest weather on Sunday. Stay safe and stay warm out there on the bike. :cloud_with_rain::muscle:


@SteveM Did your Ventum GS1 ever arrive? I am thinking about ordering one… How do you like it?

Not IM but a 70.3 for me was beta fuel mainly and then sis gels during the run. Water/gatoraid was aid stations

Yes, it did! I’ve Had it since March and put about 3000km on it. For me, it is a great quiver killer. It replaced my old gravel bike, CX bike, and road bike. The bike is light for a gravel bike (19lb / 8.6kg with pedals and cages) and I really like the handling though it does feel a little slow handling in crits; I haven’t tried playing with the front axle offset yet and that should help.

I have raced this in crits, gravel, and now gearing up for CX season on it. The main limitation is gearing of 1x but that was my choice; I hate front derailleurs especially for CX/gravel. I swapped the chainring and pedals for crit season; but was still lacking an extra gear for sprints. 2x would’ve solved that though.

Here’s a couple photos of it in gravel mode vs road mode .

This is with 42mm Teravail Cannonball tires on Hope 20Five wheels with a 42-10 cassette and SPD pedals.

This is with 32mm Conti GP50000TL on Light Bike AR56/i9 wheels with a 36-10 cassette and Look pedals. this “road” race was on half road/half smooth gravel, my bike isn’t ALWAYS filthy


Not (yet) a qualify for Hawaii but I did get a slot for the standard (olympic) distance EK and WK next year.
AG that is.

WK will be in Abu Dhabi probably in November.
EK yet to be allocated.

Not expected it but I’ll take it :wink:

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I’m trying to decide how much insulation I want on the bike. Right now I’m doing toe covers, gloves, short leg warmers, and a long sleeve jersey over my friend suit. Kicking around the idea of swapping out the long sleeve for my very thinly insulated running jacket. Blech.

edit: Actually, let me get group thoughts on my clothing choices?
Upper 50s or so on the bike, probably on and off rain showers. Right now, I’m thinking toe covers, short leg warmers (just below knee) under my tri suit, a long sleeve mid weight jersey, gloves, and maybe even a buff. The real debate I’m having is possibly swapping the LS jersey out for my very thinly insulated running jacket. Don’t want to overheat and sweat like crazy the whole way though. That jacket is too hot in anything >45f while running.

Honestly I think the biggest gain will be wearing gloves and just some kind of wind proof jacket. Toe covers aren’t a bad idea if your feet tend to get really cold when wet. I don’t think the temperature is going to be that bad it will just be soaking on the bike and the course is pretty fast so the added wind from the downhill sections will make it feel way colder. I don’t think I’d wear anything insulated at all. The only other thing I’d make sure is to keep your transition gear in some dry bags so your running shoes and socks etc aren’t soaked. Good luck, have fun!

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Wild day at 70.3 Worlds. Full on hail storm on the bike but it cleared by the time we climbed snow canyon. The run course was up and down which killed my quads in the back half. Still a ripper of the day and as honest of a course as you’ll find.


Likely wasn’t what most were expecting it to be with the heatwave leading up to the race! Once the crazy weather passed I’m sure the cool temps were appreciated. :+1:


Just starting to get back into the routine of training after being absolutely rubbish in July and August.

Need to get back in the pool but work is getting in the way of that. We have just moved into our new school building and I have 4 new members of staff so getting them sorted has cut into my after my afterschool swim time.

Finally making progress on the tendonitis in my ankle, not run on the road since August 1st only on the tread mill.

My plans so far are
Nov - Alton Towers half marathon, because of injury I will be no where near completely fit so I am just going to pootle round and do some rides.
March - Clumber park duathlon - this has been postponed for the last 2 years
May - hopefully Outlaw half although entries not gone on sale yet
Thinking about a June or early July 70.3 maybe Holkham
August - Ironman copenhagen third time lucky


I’m still amazed about Taylor Knibb riding her road bike. She got 3rd place on IM Worlds yesterday. With a road bike, saddlebag, non-aero helmet, and nutrition taped in the bike.


Yeah, it’s pretty wild. Gotta wonder what the other pro women who do this all the time with decked out gear are thinking. Hopefully it helps raise the bar for them, if Lucy’s dominate performance doesn’t as well.

This just really hi lights that the bike only accounts for around 10% of the aero drag. The majority comes from the body. I like watching old kona footage and seeing the bikes they were riding in the 80’s and 90’s. If you compare the bike splits they were very similar to what they are currently. Does this mean the athletes back then were just that much better and if given a modern day “super bike” they would have gone even faster? Or just look at current pro triathletes that were riding old tech 5-10 years ago and compare their bike split then to their current bike split on their new bike….the more I do the more I am convinced it is all marketing nonsense. I am actually seriously contemplating selling my 10k tri bike and building up an early model p3 :man_shrugging:t3:

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It’s not the arrow, it the archer…

A non optimal setup in hands of a pro it’s still better than most of us…