The Ironman Training 2021 Thread

ACL is sadly a very different injury.
ACL deals with the knee stability. Its like a rubber band that keep the knee from going side to side.
The best way to describe walking with a torn ACL is like walking and suddenly slipping on ice. Thats why people tend to use knee brace with metal on the side while recovering/waiting for surgery…

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A friend of mine teared his ACL about 7 months ago. Very active guy, a marine here in the portuguese navy, full on crossfit fanatic, doing all sort of crazy stuff that would knock me out in a second. One day he went to play football (soccer) with some friends and after 5 minutes he was on the ground with a tear in his ACL.

Now after about 6 months of the surgery he is finally starting to do some sports but very light compared to what he used to do.

Not super encouraging…I guess I have the fall and first part of winter off. Mine is a partial tear, not a full tear. I don’t know if that is better or worse.

Yeah, my knee is very unstable. Trying to run would be a bad idea. Just walking down stairs or carrying something heavier than a gallon of milk makes my knee joint slide forward when I land. The plus side is that so far is it not terribly painful.


It might be better.
With a lot of rest you can be out in a 2-3 months…

after my partial tear I was much better (to the point of NO PAIN) 4 or 5 months out…
after a few years I had forgotten it happen.

Yes. Thats good. I would avoid any jumping or carrying heavy things tho.
For the meniscus they will probably do nothing. My non educated guess is that they will tell you rest and no running…
You could probably swim tho. Maybe time to become a monster swimmer?

His was a full tear, and his recovery wasn’t smooth, he had problems with his Physical Therapy, had to change PTs because the rehab was going has it was supposed to.

Each case is different.

I think freestyle should be ok not long after surgery. Breast stroke is the one he should avoid because of the meniscus and the lateral movement of the leg.

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Butterfly :smiling_imp:

Hi guys,

I’ve missed a couple roll calls by the looks of it and pretty much dropped swimming and running completely for now. Training has been going pretty well, hitting most sessions but failing a couple here and there. I’ve gone all in on the polarised training and will just be cycling through them with some tweaks here and there, namely the long weekend rides as I don’t see a point in dropping back from 4-5 hours down to 1.5. Just doesn’t make sense!

From April to June (8ish weeks) which was the last bit before Cairns 70.3 FTP went from 239 to 247 or 3.3% doing somewhere between 4 and 10 hours mixed training, noting that I swapped the MV tri plan rides for the POL plan rides (from memory the 8 week POL plan). Race was June 6 and had a great outcome of 5:07:xx. A bit slower (7 mins) than I wanted and what I did last time, but it was all on the bike and the 60odd km of headwind back to T2 didn’t help anyone that day.

Moving into the 6 weeks just gone, FTP went up from 247 to 255 for a 3.2% increase measured 2 days ago. Training volume has more or less been as per POL 6 week but with all weekend rides aiming to be up past 3 hours including one particularly herculean effort of a local loop known as “3 peaks” with some friends on TT bikes pulling huge turns on the flats between the “peaks” (if anyone knows Townsville, you know why they are in peaks is in ") - TrainerRoad

Had a lazy week post race then pure cycling volume went 10:07, 12:37, 10:16, 8:46, 7:54, 4:12, and here we are this week. Dropped a few rides due to a fam holiday for a week but we still got the mtbs out and had some fun.

Hit my mtb race and got 16th in open mens with a time of 4:21:13 shaving about 10 mins off my previous time. I thought I was pacing it well but the last cow paddock highlighted just how drained I was. Went through 4 bottles, a couple clif bars and some shot bloks but thinking back I think I under did it.

Currently redoing the 6wk POL plan with longer weekend rides which puts me in the “rest/taper week” the week I’m planning on everesting a local hill so some sessions might be missed that week.

Hopefully when that is done, I can return to swimming and running to keep some base level of fitness up in those 2 disciplines, however I think the POL plans really do work as I’m getting pretty consistent gains over time. They might start getting smaller but I’m keen to keep the 6 or 8 week rotation going for about a year to see how they go over time.

If anyone was considering the POL plans for Tri, I would give them a go, especially on the off season (if you have the time capacity)

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Absolutely no question. It is epic

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Well done, I raced outlaw too!

Race report:

Terrible swim. Genuinely don’t know what happened. 1:11 (normally swim 63-65 mins)

Great bike. Backed off the power in the final 50k for a 4:42

Ok Run. Going great and pacing a comfy 3:12 - 3:15 when a recurring injury got me (trapped nerve around shoulder / neck) which meant I ended up with a 3:24. It’s hard to run without moving one of your arms!

Well done to anyone else who raced. An awesome event that balances big race feel but remains friendly and local to me!

Now… should I race a 70.3 this Sunday that I have as a deferral from last year???:grimacing:


Wow that is some fast times you have, Its great to have such an event on our doorstep, watched it a few times as used to live in Nottingham but moved to the Darkside of Derbyshire now :slight_smile:

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Has anyone tried 80/20 training plan? Just came across it on this blog - Beginner Triathlon Training : 4 Best Ways to Support Your Body - WholyMe
Would you recommend it?

Welcome to the forums and the thread @BRod5 what long course event are you training for?

What is this 80/20 triathlon plan that people are mentioning in the thread? Is it a new TR plan?

What that blog talks about is the training intensity distribution, 80% easy, 20% hard. Not a specific training plan.

Then there are the “80/20 Endurance” plans, which is only one of many companies/coaches who follow this training philosophy.

TR actually has now polarized cycling plans that broadly follow these principles too.

I’m thinking of signing up for the Human Race novice triathlon. Baby steps!

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Oh I see!

Check out the TrainerRoad Low Volume Sprint Distance plans and Short Course Triathlon thread