The Ironman Training 2021 Thread

What do you mean by that?

Thanks Joe, I do appreciate the encouragement!

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Ive experimented with a few different run protocols, and this year I’ve had some success with Garmin Coach plans - you put in some details and do a benchmark run, your watch then gives you a running programme with pace ranges for each type of run. It’s fit in with the rest of my training, and I’ve had no problem with bike or swim workouts, and I’m getting faster so…good enough for me.


Thanks a lot, I’ll check that out

Oh can you run with carbon plate shoes in an Ironman event? Like Nike vapor fly or Hoka Carbon X, etc? The racer manual didn’t say anything about at it.

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Breaking in my Saucouny Endorphin Pros now for IM Chattanooga

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Anyone following IMLP on FAcebook at the moment? I’m looking at Joe Skippers performance given he won IMUK three weeks ago :sweat_smile:

@duje.jelaska was out of the water 9th in AG (!) and is motoring on the bike as we speak.

Don’t think anyone else here is at Lake Placid today…?

Edit and finished - well done sir, great time.

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Raise your hand if you’re tired.



Just got through Ainslie +3, only faded in the last 2 minutes of the last interval but gutted through it!! Was pretty chuffed with myself until I saw it was only rated at threshold 3.5 :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: clearly tons of room for improvement


entering my 4th week of easy training…

volume has been VERY low…
I did 3 workouts last week tho. One running (“8” x 800) and 2 bike (6x6’ ss and 3 x (5x’1 @ 120%)).
I felt MUCH better than expected.
I feel like I am ready to go back to training. But a friend told me to take an extra week of easy, unstructured training. I should be hungry for more pain next week!
Or so I hope!


I got the results of my MRI today, torn meniscus and torn ACL. I guess I will not be ready for 70.3 Wisconsin in a month :frowning_face:

That sucks man. How did it happen?


best of luck!
Are you getting ACL surgery (from what you describe it sounds like a partial tear).
Before getting the full ACL tear in 2007, i had a partial one in 2004. It was painful, but nothing compared to the full tear… This is one of the “You know if you had one” kind of things…

If you opt for ACL surgery, may i recommend the cadaver graft?
It seems to have the least amount of recovery time.

I’m assuming it happened carrying boxes of wood flooring up a flight of stairs. It didn’t hurt doing it and has mostly felt unstable since.

Thanks for the suggestions. I will know more about the treatment and recovery tomorrow after I see my doctor. I’m hoping for the best, but I’m assuming that I am done for many months.

You would be surprised. You could be back to some extend in 6 months…
Now. Dont go out playing basketball or anything like that… but running/cycling/swimming should be OK.

Well its done and dusted, my first full distance completed Nottingham Outlaw total time of 14:43 my Main goal was under 15hrs the top goal was to get under 14 and the nice to have in the 13hrs something.

Swim 1:29
Bike 6:27mins
Run 6:17

Now the Story… :slight_smile: The swim went bang onto plan well 1 min quicker, not swimming much due to covid and then getting hit by a car 4 weeks before the day shattered my swim confidence the longest swim I have done before this was about 1.5miles so I thought why risk blowing up.

The bike … Disaster mile one and the first shift the front mech exploded apart the little plastic bit that sits in the front of SRAM just went, causing it to drag onto the chainring and then bugger up the entire thing, a dirty repair that took 15 mins and forced me to do the entire bike leg in the big ring, the repair then broke so another 15mins lost then every-time I missed avoiding a bump the chain jumped off. So with all that I probably pushed too hard to regain time as I think i was capable of a sub 6 hr bike thanks to trainer road and the past 8months.

The run… OMG that run the first 15k I felt Ok, slow but moving forward then the thigh/quads decided enough was enough and I paid the price for overdoing it on the bike leg I think, It was hot and humid (for UK standards it was positively barmy & tropical) and the run became run-walk then a walk-walk-run-walk etc. I then hit upon the idea of using the lake and river markers as run-walk goals but the damage was done time from my legs and walking gave me blisters.

But I did it and I am now a 50 year old

OUTLAW :slight_smile:


Nice job overcoming the obstacles - that sounds like a horror story on the bike

congrats Outlaw

So…can you do surgery after the race? How painful is it? I think I have a torn meniscus/MCL and was going to get it checked out right after gulf coast 70.3 in may. But I qualified for st. George, so now I’m going to do that before any discussion of surgery. Not much lateral movement in triathlon, which helps. There are times when my knee will get stiff and sore, but it’s not unmanageable. I still have to pop it several times a day. It feels like it “slides” out of place and can get painful. So I twist it and shake it until I hear a loud audible “POP”, which hurts a little, but then it’s back to “normal.”