The Ironman Training 2021 Thread

IM Tulsa finally coming up! Excited and nervous. April was a great training month.

Two weeks ago was my longest ever brick workout- 90 mile ride just below race pace, then 13.1 mi run at my hoped for race pace, although I think after that point race pace becomes whatever you’ve got left

Last weekend did 105 mi ride with 5000 vertical feeton saturday, just slightly below goal normalized power for IM. Then a 20 mile run on sunday. That was a tough run, it was about 85 degrees F, first run I’ve done in the heat. I ran well, but was fading towards the end and I know it was from the heat and dehydration, but made a note to bring more water if it’s that hot. Even though I faded, I’m happy with the run as the main goal was to feel what it’s like to run in heat again.

Another longish brick coming this weekend, but workouts getting shorter, sharpening the sword for Tulsa :slight_smile:
Also getting my second Pfzier vaccine dose next Monday (planned rest day, right before taper) so we will see how that goes. Might plan to take Tuesday off as well to be safe


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First race this weekend. Kinetic Multisports Triathlon Festival Lake Anna Virginia. 70.3 This is a B race, just need to get out of the water then see how things go.

Solid training block going on, did a hard brick April 24, backed it up on the 25th with a Half Marathon. I treated this race as a catered training run, I did not feel like I pushed myself I missed my PR by 20 seconds. My training partner said it was the Cheater Shoes Saucony Endorphin Speed.


I took a DNF at St George. I struggled with the cold water, felt like a full on anxiety attack. Barely got my heart rate and breathing under control when I saw someone (may have been the individual that passed, RIP) unresponsive pulled out of the water. I never felt right after that and had to stop what felt like every 100m. I came in way over the time limit. Worst swim I’ve ever had.

They let me get on the bike so I gave it a shot but my heart wasn’t really in it. Made it to the top of Snow Canyon where I was swept up by sag and bussed back to T2.

Beautiful course and venue, wish it had been a better day for me.


Solid April here as work demands eased just a bit.

Run: 11:18:18 96.5km
Cycling: 45:36:41 1287km
Swim: 4:11:18 9830m

Took advantage of a last-minute opportunity last week of April for a climbing camp with my cycling team. Did 332km, 13:41:39, 7177m of climbing, and 957 TSS over four days. Didn’t run or swim that entire week so those numbers are down. This current week is a rest week. :slight_smile:

Going forward, will continue with a cycling-intensive block through May, then dial things back for a couple of weeks for some extended rest with a few runs. After the rest, taking one week for some fitness testing, leaving me 18 weeks to get ready for IM Florida.

Good luck to everyone else.


Thanx for the roll call @JoeX

Spent most of April on my back watching NetFlix and YouTube. Had my laparoscopic cholecystectomy procedure (removal of the gallbladder). Op went well, although it took almost three times as long as expected. They found 10 huge stones. Doc said it was baaaaad.

As per doc, I was off work for 2 weeks. Stayed in bed the first week and just took it easy during the second week even tho I felt great and back to normal. Third week, I’m back at work and I’m ready and eager to start training again. Doc did advise me to maybe just lay off any vigorous exercise for 3-4 weeks in total; just to be 100% recovered and sure I don’t develop a hernia. Since my next tri is only in November, I’m taking his advice and just relaxing a bit longer.

Going to get back in the pool tomorrow (first time swimming since Jan 2020) and just do a few lengths to see if I can still swim. Next week Tuesday it’ll be just about 4 weeks since the op, so I’ll be ramp testing and then trying the 6 week Polarised base plan.

Have a few cycling races coming up in July and August that I want to be ready for. Also ordered a new road bike (Tarmac SL7 Comp - Rival ETap AXS) which should arrive end of this month.


As always, thanks for the nudge @JoeX.

Had a better month of training, pools reopening added some much needed variety (although my technique seems to have completely fallen apart). Been trying to be a bit more ‘flexible’ and develop a healthier relationship with training, it had become a chore as opposed to fun and so I’ve been doing more outdoor workouts and generally trying to remember that this is all a hobby.

Still no more colour on whether IM CPH goes ahead, couple of recent articles shared on the FB group imply that it is unlikely. Looks like large gatherings/festivals won’t be happening in Denmark until next year but unclear how this impacts the IM. If I’m completely honest with myself, I can’t see the Danish/Copenhagen government being happy with a large event in a city centre that attracts the number of people it will do from all over Europe. As much as I hope it goes ahead, I think the chances of it happening are much lower than some of the other European races that are somewhat more remote and attract fewer people/create less crowding.

I’ll keep training as if it is going ahead but am expecting bad news.


Add me in Joe

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Going to be a weird IMUK on July4. Date is now pretty much confirmed.

After losing 6weeks to Covid it’s never going to be perfect. It’s a very bike intense course - 9000ft of climbing in a very up and down hilly course, so most of the work is on the bike.

Getting to T2 in the time-cut is the main focus. Running taking a major back foot. Just don’t have enough time or mental/physical resources to stress the leg muscles that way. Did a lot of walking over the last year. Will just be upping the distance somewhat and a few treadmill brick runs.

Only just back in the pool after 6 months! Thanks lockdown. Some open water sessions in June planned, pool before.

All about getting a MVP to the start line and then suffering.

Did finish TR base phase plans. Now doing the sustained build plan with a change that I’ve swapped out the sweet spot Saturday for a longer specialised phase Z2 effort. It’s more of a pyramidal style plan in the middle of a 12 week bootcamp.

Aiming for a 5-6 day taper if I can get to the end of June in just about one piece.



Thanks @JoeX. April was solid, started with recovery from IM NZ 70.3.

Logged ~30 hours for the month with good bike volume, some swimming and minimal running. Finished the month with a 20k mountain run with an 8k downhill finish. This resulted in the worst DOMS of all time :joy:

May is a base month but starting swim coaching on Friday - can’t wait!

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So so true. I’m also guilty myself of taking things too serious and neglecting other aspects of life that should get more attention. It’s difficult if you have a competitive personality or nature.


I got off track a bit in March with various life events/issues coming up and motivation being a bit down with the third wave in Canada happening, but April ended up being a new high for monthly training hours for me. However, even with the average 16 hour weeks I felt like my training was completely unremarkable–still in the Base stages of my training plan so nothing special. I’m still building towards Ironman Canada in August, but I’m also still expecting the cancellation ball to drop at any time. We’ll see what motivation levels are like if/when that happens…


Sorry to hear that, unfortunately sometimes despite the prep and everything we just have a bad day.

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Thanks @JoeX . I basically pulled the plug outright in April. Major changes at work and a major product launch, just no energy. Though I was hoghly encouraged by the head coach of my daughters softball teams to help coach - my wife is the head coach. What a bizarre sport (im not form the US - only lived here the past 20 years). I have reset my Sprint plan for September race starting this week. Hopefully will get back on track.


Thanks for the Roll Call @JoeX

April was a good training month. 40+ hours for me for S/B/R. I finished off Half Distance build LV with a nice FTP boost (+23W!) and a new career high FTP. Swimming speed is mostly back to where it was pre-pandemic. Running is still a chore.

I’ll finish off Specialty this month but there’s no race (cancelled) so I will probably beat myself up with a big hard ride instead of a 70.3. Then I am to begin the build for IM Canada but I doubt that race will happen, and should have a better idea by the beginning of June.


Hi JoeX. Thanks for the roll call. Please keep me in.

April was kind of a crazy month for me with trying to get everything done around my kids’ many, many baseballs games, but I got most of my workouts in.

After no races since August 2019, I completed my first 70.3 last Saturday in St. George. It was a tough, but great experience.

I was not adequately prepared for the hills and heat, so I’m very grateful that clouds held most of the early afternoon and it didn’t get quite as hot as forecasted.

The swim location (Sand Hollow State Park) was gorgeous. The had us enter the water 4 at a time every 3 seconds. I’d be appreciative if they’d keep that format even when Covid is finally over. I stayed on the outside edge of the course for the entire loop and think I covered a little extra distance resulting in my swim time of 0:39:14 which is a couple minutes slower than I was hoping for.

I have a terrible sense of direction and we entered T1 from the opposite direction that I had gone in earlier and got turned around a little bit. By the time I found my bike, got my westuit off and put on some sunscreen (including on my very badly chafed neck) I had spent over 8 minutes in transition.

The first 30 miles or so of the bike course felt great even with the hills. My stomach started disagreeing with anything other than water about that point and I don’t know if the hills got steeper or longer or if I was just getting tired or both, but the rest of the bike was pretty challenging. The endless ascent up Snowfall Canyon was a big part of that. I was wishing I had another gear to shift down to and ended up standing a few times to keep from having to get off my bike. Coming down the backside was great though. Lots of people were just coasting but I tried to make good time on the way back towards town. I had hoped to come in under 3:00 but finished the bike at 3:21.

My T2 was even worse than T1. In spite of everything being number, I was going up and down the rows looking for my spot to rack my bike. By the time I put my bike gear away, put on my run gear and more sunscreen and hit a port-a-potty it was an almost 10 minute transition.

I hadn’t realized how different the run was going to be from my training runs. After the first uphill portion shortly after the start I was suffering and realized that I was getting dehydrated. My salt capsules had fallen out of my pocket so I tried drinking a couple cups of gatorade at the first aid station. My stomach didn’t approve of the gatorade, but I kept everything down and switched to water at each aid station with a Maurten gel (which sat in my stomach mostly okay). I ended up doing a fair amount of walking (which I hadn’t expected) and finished the run in 2:25.

My total time was 6:45:00. I hope to improve on that at Ironman 70.3 Washington in September.


Well done Ben :+1:

Thanks! Now I need to figure out the nutrition a little better and remember apply huge amounts of Bodyglide to the back of my neck to avoid wetsuit chafing.

Ugh yeah I get the neck thing too. However much I think, then double it, and I might be ok. :sweat_smile:

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The only other two participants I knew personally that were at St. George both DNF’d too. It went pretty much exactly the same for them as it did for you.

They really should have let us in the water to get used to the temperature and warm up first. I did like the rolling start though.

At least you got to enjoy the beautiful scenery! Best of luck next time!

My friends are both signed up for the Salem race.

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