The Ironman Training 2021 Thread

Thanks for the tag Joe. March was overall pretty solid despite numbers being down from Jan/Feb, as I took a week almost entirely off before starting my tri plan in mid-March (mostly following 80/20 level 3). First time back in the pool in a year and actually didn’t feel all that bad! Really hoping for the best with Eagleman 70.3 and Copenhagen this summer - crazy to think I signed up for these races over a year and a half ago…


Man you peeps with your spreadsheets are gonna force me to up my tracking game. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, that’s it. I think the vertical oscillation and impact has an effect. Pain would just be much intense after a day where I was running.

The procedure is called a laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Basically they make a few small cuts, insert a scope in one and the instruments in the other and remove the gallbladder through a “key hole”. Recovery is supposed to be a few days as opposed to weeks when cutting you open to remove it. The surgeon explained to me that the incisions will heal quickly and I will feel recovered in a short time. But it’s very invasive and there’s a lot happening inside in the area he’s going to be working in. So his advice is rather not take any chances; just chill for a week or so more and be sure that you’re 100s.

Just chipping a long on the 70.3 low volume, had a wobbly couple of weeks but still getting Monday -Thursday done :slight_smile:


While Ironman wasted my interest on announcing a new sponsor yesterday what I was really interested in is whether 70.3 Texas, Florida or Taiwan are going ahead this month and if they’ll be televised…

Got fortunate in the sense that I managed to get my transfer in from IM Hamburg → IM Tallinn literally 3 hours before they postponed Hamburg.
Coming back from a tibial stress fracture so slowly bringing back the run volume but don’t think I’ll go back up to consistent 50+ MPW purely for injury prevention. Looking forward to pools opening next week which.
Bike hasn’t really had a major amount of structure but trying to do 2 threshold w/o’s a week + 1 long IM specific w/o and or a longer SS w/o. That said we had a spell of good weather so got out on the TT Race rig for some long rides (~4hrs+) spending 95% of time in aero.
Findings from long outside rides:
-Watts vs speed was looking tasty. Unsure if just perfect weather or I’m quite aero (most likely the former :joy:)
-TT helmet, although only ~200g heavier than road helmet, strained the neck a fair bit.
-In 18+ degree C weather, < 1 bottle of fluids an hour isn’t sustainable

WC Bike BikeTSS Run Hours RunTSS Swim Total Hrs Total TSS
01/03/2021 18 hrs 30 mins 886 2 hrs 20 mins 133 0 20 hrs 50 mins 1030
08/02/2021 (Deload) 13 hrs 15 mins 606 1 hr 40 mins 94 0 13 hrs 15 mins 700
15/02/2021 21 hrs 55 mins 1066 2 hrs 25 129 0 24 hrs 20 mins 1195
22/02/2021 20 hrs 923 2 hrs 45 mins 176 0 22 hrs 45 mins 1077
29-31 /03/2021 12 hrs 5 mins 549 1 hr 20 mins 94 0 13 hours 25 mins 644

Thanks for the roll call!

I had another good solid month in March…

After a fair amount of dithering, I decided to stick to the MD MV. I was going to do a WKO5 inspired threshold block, then a VO2 block after, but came to the conclusion that the MD plan already had a mixture of workouts that had similar outcomes, so why over think.

I have switched the weekend workout for a long Z2 ride, so left room for a little bit of over think! :smile: In week 1, I experimented trying to roll the workout into a 3 hour rides, by preceding Warlow with 75 mins of endurance. It wasn’t a disaster, I made it into the final interval…

But I don’t think it was sustainable for the rest of the month. I might have got through it but I would have definitely been overtraining. Does anyone do this sort of thing regularly or have I just 2+2=5?

Running is coming along nicely, sticking to the Palladino general build power plan. Repeated the Feb block because couldn’t quite make it through 2 workouts a week, but pleased that in March I could.

Still no swimming, but actually looking forward to the pools opening next week. Feeling super motivated to get back in. Not as motivated to swim outdoors yet, even though it’s an option, something about 10 celcius water temp that doesn’t do it for me. :cold_face:


So according to my new garmin 945 (had it about 5 weeks) I’m in a constant state of detraining,

Well this was my first VO2 max at my new FTP and I feel like I smashed it. My new goal is to run garmins shitty algorithms nose in it every workout


My 935 constantly lies to me too. I seriously don’t know how Garmin determines the state. I really just ignore it now.


Put over unders as the icing on a 3hr endurance cake? :sweat_smile: Not likely! You have my respect sir, but it’s not for me :slight_smile:

If I am converting a scheduled workout into a long ride indoors or out, I’ll usually select the long sweet spot interval workout as it’s similar aerobic adaptations.

If it’s going to be a “big” ride I might swap out the highest TSS workout so I’m less fatigued for the week.


Ive been holding out against buying a Garmin watch for many years, but my Apple Watch has been on its last legs for some time. I’m tempted, but their useless information overload is one of the things putting me off.

Hey @JoeX , thanks again for the roll call!

I officially pulled out of Ironman Canada as I just do not see the current situation changing for Canadians. They were offering full refunds and I just do not think it makes sense to sink $1000+ into a “vacation” that likely will not happen. The long hours of ironman prep are just not going to be enjoyable with the uncertainty anyways.

I am still signed up for some 70.3 distance races, although I am also thinking it will be a 2022 thing. If they go ahead I would be pretty excited as I can see what my race times are with my upgraded bike engine.

I am really looking forward to abusing my fitness outside on joyrides.

On a positive note, I was able to get my first shot of the vaccine. I definitely felt the effects of my immune system working after the first shot and I can only assume shot 2 will put me out for a few days. I had some real muscle aches and almost bailed on the first zwift race last night, but thankfully I started feeling better yesterday after a weekend of easy stuff.


Not training related, but I enjoyed running into pro Sam Long after my swim today. I introduced myself, and he was super friendly for a short conversation. Nice to see that his video personality carries into real life! Going Long With Sam Long - YouTube


Thanks Joe for the call.

It was a pretty good start to the month on following Sustained power build. However, I felt the ramp ups started to get to me. On the third week i started to miss workouts and was not good. I am not sure if it was actually due to the workouts or just lack of motivation with being inside training all the time. I am now doing a 3 week VO2 block for a little boost and then back on track.

I have also signed up for another 70.3 in eastbourne in July time to look forward to. Running has been going well slowly getting in volume and i need to start putting in more workouts and increasing the speed leading up to the race.

Over and out


I have signed up for the Eastbourne 70.3 too, have pulled the plug on St Polten and need something before the full in Italy. It looks a good course and hopefully will be a good laugh, if not an early start!


I was tempted by the Eastbourne events when they were announced, Ive swum and run around there a few times in training. Should be good :+1:


@JoeX Thanks for keeping us all on track! After a horrendous few weeks of work, things finally stabilized. I bought a new budget road/endurance/gravel bike along with a left only power meter! So excited that I can leave my tri bike on the trainer. Now I just have to start pushing outdoor workouts to my Garmin.

I’m also back in the pool. That’s going to take some work!

Now that it’s warming up and we have more daylight, my running group is meeting for (early morning) Track Tuesdays! I feel so old and slow. Hoping Thirsty Thursdays gain some traction.


If anyone here is signed up for Ironman Tulsa and will be in or around the Tulsa area the weekend of 04/23-/4/26 I’ll be traveling in to do some course recon. Planning on riding the full course on the Saturday with a sag vehicle and scouting out the run on Sunday. Would definitely welcome some company if anyone is interested.

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Good to hear @Titus

It’s amazing how small things like these can make training so much easier :+1:

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Anyone at the Texas 70.3?

Pro field could be a tight race, I’m hoping for a win for Joe Skipper.