The Ironman Training 2021 Thread

Went down the Dylan Johnson Thread rat hole and back on this thread for some much needed fresh air. BTW @JoeX thats a lot of welcomes you dished out over there :slight_smile:

@WildWill what are you using as a tether for swimming? I was thinking about it the other day and saw your post. i wont open my pool until May sometime, I will not go to public pools in current times. Open water wont be bearable until mid to late June.


Only some were sarcastic welcomes :wink:

I’m thinking of getting some swim bands actually - not the same as a tether but you know. Might alter my strength sessions to be a bit more Tri specific in April.

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I’ve had a Stryd for a while but have only been using it for Zwift running. I need to actually start using it to inform my run training (by utilizing power zones). Are you accessing a paid Palladino training plan through his site or accessing it another way? I’ve got a goal HIM in July and would be interested in supplementing TR bike training with a power-based running plan…

I’d suggest getting the Yellow ones of the StretchCordz variety–I got the Green ones first after reading some of the reviews, but their resistance is too heavy for longer sets IMO.


Stryd have their own plans which are free. Checkout their workout app it is really looking good. I’ve chosen their half-marathon plan given my half-distance goals. The Garmin workout app is excellent for doing the workouts.

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@JoeX thanks for another IM accountability thread. My gulf coast 70.3 that was cancelled is deferred for this May 15th. I didn’t leave the IM CEO video too inspired. What a waste of time. It was 5 minutes of “well, things are pretty much up in the air. We are trying to put on races, but who knows? Keep training!”

I think they missed the mark. Athletes are pissed because they will literally cancel races within 72 hours of race day. People have already paid and travelled to the venue and are stuck there without a race. And they say “well we’re trying to wait until the last minute because we really want to race, but then our hand is forced.” Ive felt for a while that they pretty much know the races won’t happen, and they are just waiting foe the city/local officials to say they can’t race. And that way they can make an insurance claim since they were forced to cancel.

I think gulf coast is kind of a wild card though since it’s in FL, which has been a very anti-lockdown state.


For those curious about swimming with a tether, here is “how to” video for a DIY tether using bike tubes…


Great excuse to go with my road back on a gnarly gravel ride so I can get two punctures :laughing:

The RPE/pace guidelines list was pretty helpful.

I had a run with the 30 second speed intervals last night and the paces based on the guidelines were actually really close to what I have been doing. It’s good to have some verification that I’m doing things right!

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I think you pretty much have it. Here’s what I wrote elsewhere that says the same thing in a different way:

In a vacuum as a a statement, I think it’s a very “fine” message: We know this is stressful to you, we’re working hard to communicate races as soon as we know for sure, etc.

Zoomed out, I think we have to remember we’re a year into this and people have felt, justifiably or not, that they have had pretty terrible communication. As such, at this point, I think this is a message that could have used some improvement. 8 ish months ago I think this message as written would have been pretty darn good actually.

A year into this,I would have written it with more actionable steps. Things like, “we’ve implemented a clear structure that helps us define when races are go/no go, and you will always know within 6 weeks of a race. We have better defined more transparent processes that ensure who/when refunds happen.” Etc etc.

Of course, much of good communication relies on good processes elsewhere; if the company HASN’T implemented those things, and it doesn’t seem like they have, then good comms can’t save you.

There comes a point where communications has to take a back seat to actual process changes or decisions, and a year into this situation, I understand why the messaging could come across as ineffectual. We’re now at a place where good comms need to be backed by action, and from what I’ve seen, those are still light, justifiable or not. If people are upset upon hearing the video, I suspect that’s why: The video itself is fine-ish, but I can imagine people watching and being like, “Who effing cares? Tell me what you’re doing about it.”


I use a long bungy cord that uses Velcro straps on my ankles .

Juat google - ankle swim tether - there’s loads

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I’ve just ordered a Zen8

I’m a big Stryd truther as well…

I’m 6 weeks into Palladino’s general build plan. When I started I wanted to switch from 4 days running to 6, as well as add some higher intensity - I was only doing low intensity running.

So far, so good on both fronts. I am running about the same weekly volume, 20-23 miles (30-35km?) as before, but have actually overcome some calf issues that wouldn’t go away with 4 longer runs a week. The logic behind the intro of intensity makes a lot of sense and I haven’t had any issues… I am especially wary as I am coming off a long lay off from running.

I am not sure whether this plan would complement an Ironman programme, but I think it would be a perfect run in for one (I’m building up to race a half distance). Train to train and all that.

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Ive got to say I’m very surprised! But I suppose you can’t use your pool for a few months yet - and you are a keen swimmer.

Id be interested to hear your review once you’ve had a chance.


Yes, I use Palladino’s plan purchased via Final Surge. Most of them are now fully structured and can be transferred to your watch. Stryd is moving to a paid system later this year so free stuff like the workout app, and many other things, will no longer be available without a paid subscription. Only basic data analysis will remain available. I find this video useful for racing planning

And this document for useful guidelines

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Thanks so much for the information. I’ll dive into it all shortly!

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Good morning. I am brand new to TrainerRoad.

I am planning on or should i say hoping for a number of local races (Virginia Beach, VA) leading up to IM Chattanooga, I will be chasing that elusive slot probably only 2 in my age group


Chatty is a great race if swimming isn’t your strong suit. Downstream swim evens the playing field a bit and the long bike and hilly run favors a strong cyclist / runner.

The hills on the run are tough…I haven’t done the full, but did Worlds 70.3 and didn’t do enough hill work in hindsight. Make sure you apce well on the bike so you have enough in the tank for a strong run. Good buddy of mine punched his (last) Kona ticket there in 2019, winning his AG (65+). The heat that day was brutal and it took a toll on a lot of athletes.

Chatty is an awesome town…really enjoyed it. If I was to do another full, that race would be near the top of my list.

Welcome to the forums and the Ironman thread :slight_smile:

Have you selected you plans yet?

I am going to start with the mid volume plan, start date March 15