The Ironman Training 2021 Thread

I will compete in the Steelhead Ironman 70.3 in Benton Harbor, MI.
As I transitioned from running to cycling b/c of an injury (glad I can run again without pain) I feel running and cycling should be smooth. Swimming causes me some headache. I started to try to learn how to swim a few weeks ago (I can swim but not good enough for an Ironman) and hope I will make some progress soon. I’m very slow…Threshold pace is only 2:12/100 yards :frowning:

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My training has come to a standstill, already in week 2 of my plan.
I have on going back problems, and yesterday my back went while picking my phone off the floor :sob:

I will probably rest to the weekend - maybe a bit of walking, and se how I m then :frowning:

That’s bad news. I hurt my back about a month ago. I’m looking to bring back strength training this week. Think I need a new mattress as well, but the main problem is a 3yo taking up all the space!

I’ve had problems on-and-off for years - I had a bad car crash in my 20’s that caused it.
However it has been over a year since it faired up
In the past, in has been a big limiter in my Triathlon training

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Hi all,

I got covid in early December and then Christmas happened so was pretty much off training for the month. I have come back into training in January. Bearing in mind I was probably my fittest towards the end of November.

My sträva Fitness and freshness chart is going off the room showing I have a very high fatigue. Do you think I should ignore this or what. I think it is only going up because I am training again. I have not increased volume just doing my normal training at a lower FTP and Running in zone 2 exclusively until I reach the mileage I was at before December.

I feel fine and not that fatigued. I am in the middle of SSB MV2. I skipped SSB1 , i don’t need a rest week. Do I Carry on or what are your suggestions ?

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What training plans do you guys use? E.G. Half Ironman, Full Ironman or do you use cycling only ones?

I think you’ve probably answered your own question. You feel fine, not overly fatigued, so carry on.

Personally I place zero reliance on the graph that Strava produces. My personal example backs this up as I’ve added 60 watts (around 1 w/kg) to my FTP in the last 12 months through my TR plan, yet my Strava “Fitness” score is way down on last year. I don’t think it takes any account of the quality of training, just the volume.


At the moment I am using SSB MV2 and will be going into a general build after. I just use my own running plans doing different type of sessions each week. Will go to a full TR try plan closer to the race.

Thanks, yeah I’m thinking of doing the same. It keeps it cleaner when I do my own running routine. I’m set to start General Build next week currently.


Simplest and probably best for newcomers is to use the Tri plans.

I’m in my fourth year with TR plans and this time I’m doing SSB and sustained power build before I go into the Tri plans for the rest of the year.

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I use a 70.3 plan from 8020 endurance.

1 hr doing Donner 3x12min threshold, no big deal.

1 hr doing Pettit. KILL ME


You dont need a wet suit!

I feel you. Every time I do Pettit, Garmin say: You are the worst endurance athlete in existence… -10 to your vo2max!
When i do almost anything else… Garmin: You are amazing! +10 to your vo2max!


Pettit +1 has become my go-to workout for an easy hour spin (25 rides in the past year). If I’m feeling good I usually push at least 10W above target (while keeping an eye on HR) and I do the sprints as hard/fast as I can go–I usually focus more on a quick cadence like ~130RPM than absolute power, but still at or above the target power. If I’m feeling tired/fatigued I might leave out the sprints altogether. I have a dumb trainer so it’s easier to shift the effort based on RPE. Either way, I like it better than straight Pettit. :slight_smile:

Did my 10K time trial yesterday – I was aiming for around 6:10/mi and ended up going 6:03/mi for a 10K time of 37:33!

It completely killed my legs. I used to do lots of oly lifting and it feels like I did a heavy squat day yesterday…hurts to up and down stairs. Cancelled my swim this morning and will probably do Phoenix -2 today instead of regular Phoenix.

Unfortunately, yesterday I came to the conclusion that IM Lanzarote this May probably just isn’t going to happen for me. Odds are I won’t even be able to enter the country by then, and even if I am, I’m sure there will still be a mandatory quarantine, meaning detraining in a hotel room for two weeks before the race. I think I’m just going to take the monetary loss and avoid buying lodging/flights that I wouldn’t be able to refund.

On top of that, all full-distance IMs in the USA are sold out so I can’t do a local alternative :frowning:. Meh.


Hi, I’m training for my first IM in June, IM Austria. I want to finish sub 12h and started doing TR recently, any tips on which plans to use and which workouts to do?

Plug it into Plan Builder and get going! It will churn out the plans and workouts you need and walk you through a Base - Build - Speciality cycle.

There are triathlon plans you can look at for all distances of varying volume.

But, perhaps give the Plan Builder a try and see what it generates for you.

I did use the Plan Builder but it’s just so unrealistic. Run trainings are basically “run 40 minutes and try not to take walk breaks” - like really, this workout for an IM training?
And Cycling ones are somewhat different than I expected. I took a look at the sustained power build plan which would in my opinion be a way better option; the workouts I got suggested are 1-3 minute VO2Max sessions, 60min ride with 6x20 second sprints etc. I don’t see how this relates to IM efforts.
That’s why I’m confused and asking about workouts … the way I see it, we should train progressively longer steady state efforts in the tempo/SS zone, longer endurance rides and general FTP intervals?

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