The Ironman Training 2020 Thread

Careful about weight. For me, losing weight was a struggle when an evening workout was (necessarily) followed by a massive meal. Dragged on like this for 5 years. Now that I’ve managed to move most sessions to early hours (mini breakfast - workout - proper breakfast), I’m the leanest in 15 years, despite lighter training loads and a generous sugar intake.

“Ironman”… hmmm… I have a vague memory of what that might mean…

As for my status, since @JoeX keeps nudging, reminding us of our commitments, desires, and goals even if we’re slacking off and falling off the wagon (or leaping off with glee), well, I ran thrice over the past 10 days, a new record for the past half-year. And, I swam last Monday, for perhaps the third time in 9 months (no cracking a pregger joke as you do not see me :slight_smile: and I plan to return in a couple of hours as long as it remains generally unpopulated (coronavirus numbers are picking up in this neck of the woods and I’m hesitant to introduce risk when it’s unnecessary). I’ve been cycling, gravel mostly but some road, but (happily) haven’t touched the Tri bike since I took it off the turbo several months ago to put my 18yo Tri bike (which I somehow still have, despite moving from Los Angeles to Chicago to London and to Zurich… it’s something of a classic, a Calfee, but sadly I did part with my first Tri bike, a Litespeed, that went with me from LA to Chicago but stayed there, a separation that still brings a tear… but this is an emotional digression) so my 13yo daughter could spin on the rollers (her request). That felt a bit cathartic, may I get off the couch now?

Next year’s schedule remains IM Barcelona, deferred from this year (er, two weeks ago it was to take place) and LCW Wales (which will be on a road bike, of course). I have been toying with adding another IM for grins and to get closer to qualifying for the overdoing-it-so-we’ll-reward-you entry to Kona (if they are still doing the do-a-dozen, or whatever the number was, and we’ll let you in entry). @JoeX, do you know if they still have that program or have they suspended to ended it?


Portugal Cascais 2020 has been cancelled.


It is now official. Just received the fatal email…:pensive:


Legacy entry is still strong I believe :+1:

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Okay, but while youre feeling guilty Im in full on Offseason Mode - I didnt do any exercise at all last week :tada:

Finally got some heavy dental work done and started on the garden - I’ve nearly finished my daughter’s summerhouse and Ive got 790 spring bulbs to be planting next weekend :rofl:

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You might be wishing you were doing the IMVR again!


Woohoo another week, check-in number 2! Finished up my second week of Full Distance Base LV. Here’s a TP screenshot:

Had one swim shortened because of me getting up late, and my runs are still to fast, and I missed the brick, but still a great week.

I’m really tired and hungry, rest day today was amazing. I feel like this isn’t a ton of running, but I’m trusting the plan and I know it’ll get harder and harder.

I also need to do a better job of putting notes in after my workouts, but baby steps. At least I’m consistent, now just to keep it up this week!


It’s starting already!

Brighton Marathon 2021 was scheduled for April, week before the London Marathon…


Postponed until 10-12th September 2021

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Ugh. I mean I knew it was coming but it’s still ugh. At least this is a training thread and not a racing one!

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I bought a Roka suit about 18 months ago. I’ve worn it for 2 races, including a 70.3 and I think it’s great. The chamois is relatively thin, but I guess it depends what you mean by “thin”. A chamois on a tri suit is always going to be thinner than on a pair of bibs. I found it perfect for a 70.3, though I wouldn’t wear it for a full distance (I go full cycling kit for full distance).


Yep. At least I wasn’t that keen on this one, the postponement clashes with IM Barcelona 2021 but I’m just not sure deferring to 2022 is something I want to commit to.

It has free’d up my winter/spring training though. Maybe I could focus on half distance which I’d prefer, or even IM Lanza which seems more likely than any marathon.

It was super weird at the pool today. Usual capacity for lane swim is 20 people. Only 4 people signed up and only 2 people (I was one), came! Apparently the session before us was busier with 15 or so.

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For a Full IM, if you’re running tubeless wheels, what sort of spares, if any, would it be worth taking?

So here’s a newbie question as old as time itself…

I’m looking for any recommended resources or books with regards to fueling on the bike for IM distance races (and training). I have alot of time until IM 1, so I want to make sure I set good habits now.

TR podcast this week mentioned trying to make sure that calories burned on ride = intake of calories prior to + during your workout.

in last weekend’s 2:45 Townhill long-ride, Strava and TR say I burned just under 1,500 calories. So… I need to make sure that’s consumed during prior/during my workout? That just seems like… alot.

What nutrition rules or guides/books/plans do you follow?

Have a look at a book called ‘Feed Zone Portables’, worth a look at


‘The Complete Nutrition Guide for Triathletes’

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Always worth taking a spare tube, levers etc in case of a real emergency. I have a Dynaplug too incase it’s a bigger hole that I might be able to get to seal and avoid using the tube.

I’d then chuck some CO2 etc in aswell, I know some sealants don’t play nicely but it’s your best bet of getting moving quickly. Would be interested to know how other people reinflate or if there are better options?

What is the highest calorie sports product that you can get?

i have the Maurten sample box set to be delivered later this week. Looks like it could work. ~320 calories/80g of carbs per pack of drink mix.

Going to be expensive though if this is the route I take.
Its actually funny when you think of the “cost to fuel per hour.”… pricier than actually driving.


I already use maurten for races but not training its too expensive.

Make my own mix for training but need something to replace gels