The Irishman - Going to be my post-surgery capstone comeback ride before jumping into a training plan

As a way to celebrate coming back to a formal training plan post Hernia repair surgery. I came up with an idea to do an Endurance ride while watching the Irishman. No one in the family wants to watch it with me, so I thought, what a great way to check two things off my want-to-do list.

This will be my first attempt at a 3.5 hour ride on the trainer (and only the second time I have ridden for 3.5 hours). I think I will ride Ptarmigan with an extended warm up and cool down to get to the full length of the movie.

Just have to figure out when to do this ride. I currently have planned to start on my training plan on 2/29 (7 weeks post surgery). If I do the Irishman on 2/25, would I have enough time for recovery to start the plan four days later? I am 52 and have been riding for a couple of years as a cycling enthusiast while doing structured training in the winters - although not as consistent as most of you.

Anyway, just wanted to share my idea for an Irishman ride…


Mate… don’t jump into such a long ride as a come back from surgery, Even at low intensity.
I can’t train at the he moment and I’m due to have surgery.
I’m so excited about my come back, but my plan is to start of in Z1 building up to an hour, just getting my body used to the position etc again.


I watched the Irishman over 3 endurance workouts on my recovery week. I agree, I wouldn’t jump into such a long ride, it’s just going to add excessive fatigue and affect the next workouts. This would be doable outside, but on the trainer its too much considering your factors. Just break it up into a couple rides at least.

You may also find that movie slower than molasses, as I did, and turn it off before finishing an hour on the trainer. :slight_smile:

I know lots of people like it, and I have loved several mob movies those guys have been in, but that isn’t one of them.


The Irishman would be a terrible movie in my mind to watch on the trainer. Something slow moving and mainly about dialog always makes the trainer drag. I’m good with 3-4 hour trainer rides but I couldn’t watch that while riding.


that’s actually how i watched the irishman, was perfect timing for a long z2 ride i had scheduled. I actually felt super productive having killed two birds with one stone.

Funny… had the same idea a couple weeks ago.

Terrible movie… it wouldn’t have been if it wasn’t the 15th time those same guys did the same movie, overlaid with the same 1960’s historical rehash that a thousand other movies have done. Whoof…

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Thanks for all the feedback and comments. I really don’t know anything about the movie. It just keeps showing up in Netflix as a recommended movie. I have always enjoyed a good mob movie, but had no idea this was a slow mover. Now I’m worried about having this create a mental disaster for me as I attempt a long trainer ride. May have to find something else to help make the time a little more entertaining.

In terms of the long ride and my recovery. I will be at 6 weeks as of tomorrow (Tuesday) - my rides to-date have gone well in terms of the affected surgical area. Very little issues during or after my rides. Have iced a few times after, but not really necessary.

I did a two hour trainer ride at low “Endurance” intensity without issue yesterday, although, I am feeling it in my legs more than I expected today so am taking today off as I don’t want to push too hard yet. I will use the rest of the week to gauge if I am up for taking on the big ride on Saturday. Actually only planning on doing three rides this week. One Tempo ride and one relatively easy VO2 ride just to see how everything responds to more intensity than I have taken on in 6 weeks. I will adjust or punt my plans for this ride based on how things go and how I am feeling. If I do end up doing the ride, I can always push back the start of my structured plan if needed as I do not race. My current plan is built around riding a gravel event in the Spring - so nothing critical in terms of training.

I will keep you posted how and if I actually pull this off. Any other suggestions for a long movie would be appreciated. I do not follow movies much at all so really don’t have any ideas on alternative…

Thanks again for your input!

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Sheeran probably didnt kill Hoffa but I enjoyed the film. I wouldn’t mix a training session with that film btw, it’s like smoking while eating

I tend to watch easy entertaining series that I can follow even if I miss part of the plot. Or QI - not sure if that’s just UK though. I tried blue planet, but training ruins the emotions brought up by it.

Welp, I had a successful week. I was able to complete my Tempo and VO2 Max rides as well as doing the Irishman this morning…woohoo.

You were all right in saying this was not the right movie for a long trainer ride, but I muddled through it - but only because this was a low Z2 effort. It would not have worked at higher intensity. I am glad I was able to complete it none-the-less as it is the longest time I have ever ridden the trainer:

A link to the ride: The Irishman


Nice work! That’s a long time on the trainer. :slight_smile: