The impressive Strava feeds/rides thread

Just for fun and mostly without context, I thought it could be fun to share rides or riders that you have noticed on Strava that have made you go :exploding_head:
Or even just share your favourite Pro Strava follows.

My favourite is Harold Evans as I don’t think he’s a pro. He’s a London based guy (cat2?) who has done some ultra-endurance stuff.
I Strava stalked him after he won the first Dirty Reiver I did.
He rides with Alex Richardson and the Onyx crew a lot and given that they are riding on the awful pot-holed filled tracks that pass as roads in England- the speeds in peak summer are INSANE. Especially as their route will often take in the Surrey Hills.
They went out the other day. 3-up at 24.7mph for 2hrs at 317w/335np!

A casual browse through his summer rides will make you weep. Solo road-bike rides for an hour at 28mph, 3h chaingangs up box hill and back at 27mph, 30mph Windsor smashfests, it’s just a constant stream of inspirational madness.

Looking forward to seeing what has made you go :exploding_head:


Drake Deuel
Jeff Kerkove

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His account is private.

I think average 22 mph for 29 hours is pretty good.

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Ah I didn’t realise sorry :rofl:
I don’t know him personally so worth a friend request for sure.

Definitely Brendan Housler

Also Cory Lockwood, he trains 25-30h per week indoors at the moment and that’s not the most impressive part. If you take a look at the sessions that he does it’s simply mind blowing, last week he did 2x30’ at 440w. Ignore the totals as he often uploads the same ride from Zwift and from the head unit.


I follow a few Pros but the one who always makes me go Strava Pro Cyclist Profile | Wout van Aert Especially when he does a route something similar to me. He must be an awsome descender though as his climb times are average for a pro. (Still way better than my 7.8mph though :joy: )

Oh and thats an awesome speed from Rod a mate of mine (a top amateur) for the 15 miles up Teide and Joe (who may have been in the UK youth team in 2020).

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What’s his PR up Box?

Maybe not as impressive as some of the big names, but my friend Stephan just makes my head hurt with his consistency. He’s been cycling every single day for the past 5 years I think. Not a single day off, and that’s on top of his office day job. More than 40.000km per year since 2018.



Blimey, thanks! I’m a Surrey-ite myself so its the perfect context :blush:

In stark contrast, I’m approx 3.4 W/kg and my PR is 7:25 :flushed: (I hope to better that this year).

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I’m 10m05 and that was on Ride London :face_exhaling::rofl:

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How much has his average speed increased in those 5 years?

Impressive. I was going to do it in 2013; then it snowed for the first time in years here. The bike was fine (I don’t think it was more than 25mm) but the drivers were all over the place and I took the next day off. I ended the year on 365days cycled. 5 years is phenomenal. I was hit twice from behind that year including by a driver who’s first words was “I saw you”. I hope he’s had better luck!

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Nick DeHaan is doing a ton of trainer rides and coordinating Zwift group rides with aims at setting 100 mile Zwift speed records. This past Saturday the group appears to have set a record (although I don’t know where/how this is validated as I don’t Zwift).

Zwift - BMTR Flat 100 MILE RECORD edition | Virtual Ride | Strava

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Wow that’s pretty impressive :star_struck:

Keeping it local and vaguely within reach of my fitness, T-man, my ‘adopted son’ (LOL) hoping to go pro, vs me:

KOMs last week:
T-man: 3
WindWarrior: 1

I’m good for about 4 KOMs a year, he just keeps racking 'em up:

Guess that makes me easily impressed?!!!


Not at all! I think these kind of feeds are almost more impressive than the guys already pro :grinning:

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He single-handedly has taken my KOMs from 2 pages down to one, but I’m more than twice his age LOL. I’m pretty much only good for the 30-90second KOMs. Since he is still in the UK for another month, we text about this stuff:

Somebody is always faster, right?! The trick is to find IRL Strava friends that are both a little slower and a little faster.

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Mainly because I got into Strava before most folk I had practically every decent climb near my old home, being a decent climber (its King of the Molehills down here :wink:). Then my mate got into Strava a year after me (he could beat lower level pros uphill) and after a bit I got sick of the ‘Uh Oh’s’ so I turned them off. I’ve probably only got one KOM up there left :joy:

Edit. I’ve just remembered I had the KOM up the Col de Rates in Spain in 2009. Im down to 23,476th now, despite being nearly a minute faster last year :joy: :joy:

I only have to shave just over 10.5 minutes off my time to get my KOM back :joy: :joy: :joy: